CubCrafters: Industry Leading Kit Builder Support

At CubCrafters we believe in providing our customers with not only a great purchase experience, but also great post-sale support for our factory-built aircraft and our kits. We understand that there’s an added level of satisfaction when you fly an airplane you’ve built yourself, and we want to support you in every way we can…. Read more »

Carbon Cub EX-3 – The Best Airplane Kit We’ve Ever Offered?

Ever since we started selling kits 9 years ago, we’ve remained dedicated to those who enjoy the process of building and flying their own aircraft. Since we’ve certified the XCub, we’ve incorporated the engineering know-how gained from its development throughout our product line and into our experimental category. This makes the Carbon Cub EX-3 kit one… Read more »


The XCub was recently awarded type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The certification acknowledges compliance with all EASA airworthiness and environmental requirements, thereby clearing the way for XCub to enter into service on the European register. “EASA certification is an important step in the continuing expansion of our international markets,” said Randy… Read more »

PIREP: XCub on Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats

Jeremy Young, president of our exclusive authorized flight training partner, TacAero, has impressive experience in a huge range of aircraft, from vintage to hyper-modern. When we asked Jeremy for his impressions flying our XCub on the newly certified Wipline 2100 amphibious floats, he provided this PIREP. Thanks Jeremy! In my experience, floatplanes are one of… Read more »

Carbon Cub EX-3 Kits Begin Shipping

The EX-3 Joins the EX-2 in CubCrafters’ Expanded Kit Offering. The first of many Carbon Cub EX-3 kits was shipped in November, and we’re planning to ship three complete kits each month through the first half of 2018. Though inspired by the Carbon Cub EX-2, there are many important differences… important improvements over the previous… Read more »

Builder Assist: Done Right

CubCrafters dealer Rick Bosshardt, from SunCountry Cubs near Phoenix, decided that his third CubCrafters airplane would be the new Carbon Cub FX-3. Here, Rick documents his experiences during the first week of the FX builder assist program. This article is reprinted with permission from Dennis Smith at STOL Aircraft Magazine, where it was first published… Read more »

Are Bushwheels Worth It?

Pilot, videographer, and Flying Cowboy, Trent Palmer, shot this plain-language overview about Alaska Bushwheel tundra tires. He addresses price, cost of ownership, and operational advantages associated with Alaska Bushwheels that are certainly valid for owners of CubCrafters aircraft.

Carbon Cub FX-3 PIREPs – (CA, AZ, TX, GA, FL, NY, MO, WA)

  Starting in early November 2017, CubCrafters’ Director of Sales, Brad Damm, embarked on a cross-country tour of continental USA in our first production Carbon Cub FX-3. After a West Coast swing prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Brad has continued to points further east. The intent of the tour is to introduce the new airplane… Read more »

CubCrafters Accepts BitCoin

Yakima, Washington – December 28, 2017: CubCrafters is pleased to announce that the company now accepts BitCoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies, as a payment method on orders for new and pre-owned aircraft, and aircraft kits. Founder and CEO, Jim Richmond, says the move supports progressive technologies and the international entrepreneur communities who use… Read more »

Carbon Cub EX-3/FX-3 Triple-Zone Heating System

The development of the new Carbon Cub EX-3 and FX-3 models, both utilizing the all-new CC363i engine, gave CubCrafters the opportunity to develop a new heating system that will keep the pilot and passenger warm and comfortable in even the coldest climates. Cub cabins are notoriously drafty. That may be a welcome condition in southern… Read more »