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carbon-cub ss
Best Selling LSA in America
No other LSA comes close to the take off and landing performance of the Carbon Cub SS.

It Only Takes 60 Feet to Fall In Love

The bestselling LSA in America is also the highest performance adventure aircraft in the world. Lightweight and powerful, the Carbon Cub SS has made the most challenging mountain clearings accessible. It takes off in just a few plane lengths and lands just as short. No other aircraft explores the limits of the Light Sport category more than the Carbon Cub SS.

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  • carbon cub ss features


    • Light Sport
    • Our Lightest Aircraft
    • 180 HP
    • Award-winning STOL Performance
    • Remarkable Fit & Finish
    • Built and Certified in a Part 21 Facility
  • light sport cub

    Light Sport

    Most discussions about Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) seem to focus on the restrictions, like a maximum takeoff weight of 1,320 pounds, daytime flight only, a speed limit and just two seats. But talk to pilots who have flown a Carbon Cub SS and you won't hear about restrictions – you’ll hear about freedom, and the sheer fun a high-performance Cub can be.

    Though the Carbon Cub SS is certified in the Light Sport category, this high-performance machine thrills the most experienced flyers.

  • ultra light aircraft

    Our Lightest Aircraft

    While the Carbon Cub was inspired by the classic Super Cub, the structural design is entirely original. We saw the Light Sport Aircraft category as an opportunity to build a significantly lighter Cub, one that every pilot would appreciate. Using contemporary computer design tools and 21st century materials, we built the next generation of Cubs with 50 percent fewer parts. It weights 250 pounds less than a similarly equipped Super Cub.

  • lsa 180hp

    180 HP

    The lightweight and powerful CC340 engine gives the Carbon Cub a power-to-weight ratio of 7.33 lbs/hp! For comparison a Cessna 172Rs has a power to weight ratio of 15.33 lbs/hp. Carbon Cub pilots experience a sea level climb rate of 2,100 feet per minute (compared to 650 fpm for a 172) and a deck angle that inspires involuntary expletives from first-timers. No other LSA takes off or lands in a shorter distance, with better low speed manners.

  • stol performance

    Unmatched Takeoff and Landing Performance

    The Carbon Cub has an unmatched power to weight ratio giving it no equal in takeoff and landing performance. On an average day Carbon Cub will climb out at 2,100 feet per minute and pass through 10,000 climbing at 1,100 feet per minute.

    This power is ideally paired with the airplane's nimble handling and slow speed manners. Whether flying around the patch, camping or remote wilderness excursions, the Carbon Cub always delivers.

  • g3x garmin panel

    Remarkable Fit and Finish

    Utility aircraft typically look… well, utilitarian. The Carbon Cub’s refined appearance conceals the brute within. From the carbon composite spinner and cowl to the beautiful urethane coatings, the fit and finish of each Carbon Cub draws admiration. Instrument panels are modern and functional. Gel-coated interior surfaces exude a tasteful, yet durable character. Jewel-like machined aluminum parts inspire confidence. Owners are proud of their Carbon Cubs.

  • part 21 facility

    Built and Certified in a Part 21 Production Facility

    CubCrafters is the only aircraft manufacturer in America that produces LSA, Experimental and Part 23 Certified models in the same facility. By maintaining the highest standards applied to our Part 23 aircraft to all our models, we are able assure FAA, and our customers, that all CubCrafters aircraft fulfill rigorous requirements for airworthiness and safety.

Contemporary Design, Cutting-Edge Materials

The Carbon Cub SS is CubCrafters’ lightest model. Though inspired by the classic Piper Cub, the two airplanes share no common parts. The SS is an entirely new airplane weighing 250 pounds less and constructed with half the parts of a similarly equipped Super Cub. The use of chromoly steel and heat treated aluminum ensures the SS is significantly stronger than legacy technology.


  • Aircraft

    • Certification
      ASTM Dual Seat S-LSA (max empty 903 lbs) or Single Seat S-LSA (max empty 1,093 or or E-LSA
    • Type
      Single engine land & sea
    • Crew
  • Powerplant

    • Engine
      Titan CC340 180 horsepower
    • Propeller
      CATTO Composite Propeller
  • Dimensions

    • Length
      23 ft 3 in
    • Height
      8 ft 4 in
    • Wingspan
      34 ft 3 in
    • Wing Area
      179 sq ft
    • Cabin Width
      30" @ pilot position
    • Cabin Height
      52" @ pilot position
  • Weights

    • Empty Weight
      892 lbs depending on equipment
    • Gross Weight
      1,320 lbs
    • Useful Load
      424 lbs depending on equipment
  • Capacities

    • Fuel
      25 gallons (24 usable) / 44 gallons (39 usable)
    • Oil
      5 qts
  • Performance

    • Cruise Speed
      110 mph
    • Stall Speed
      32 mph
    • Rate of Climb
      up to 2,100 fpm*
    • Endurance
      3.2 hrs* with standard fuel (normal, 80hp cruise)
    • Range
      352 miles* with standard fuel
    • Fuel Consumption
      5-6 gph*
    • Takeoff Distance
      60 ft*
    • Landing Distance
      110 ft*
  • Speeds

    • VNE
      141 mph never exceed speed - top of yellow on airspeed indicator
    • VsO
      32 mph stall speed with flaps down, slowest stall speed
    • Vs1
      40 mph stall speed with flaps up, clean
    • VFE
      81 mph maximum speed - flaps extended
    • Vo
      97 mph maximum operating maneuvering speed
    • Vx
      50 mph best angle of climb speed
    • Vy
      71 mph best rate of climb speed

*Performance numbers assume optimal conditions, actual numbers will vary. Fuel consumption and speed will vary with power settings

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Words fail when trying to describe what its like to line up and apply full power in the Carbon Cub SS. The powerful Titan CC340 engine mounted on the lightweight Carbon Cub airframe yields cisceral experience. The Carbon Cub SS is a truly special aircraft that you must experience for yourself.


CubCrafters aircraft are sold through Certified Sales Centers. Our factory-selected Cub enthusiasts are ready to help make your buying experience smooth and worry-free.