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For 35 years, CubCrafters has been in the business of advancing the classic Piper Super Cub, legendary for its bush flying and off airport performance. While our engineering has further improved STOL performance, we have also focused on improving every aspect that makes the Super Cub platform uniquely capable. The result is a range of modern adventure aircraft that are designed and engineered for backcountry flying. Pilots are rewarded with not only STOL performance, but also remarkable flight characteristics, uncommon comfort & ergonomics, unmatched range, and class-defining utility.

Training flight

Flight Training

Modern CubCrafters manufactured aircraft have much higher performance than most legacy types of backcountry airplanes and good flight training can be essential to get the very best performance that our airplanes have to offer.

Whether you purchase your CubCrafters aircraft from us or not, our team will be happy to help arrange and coordinate flight training for you. We can help you evaluate your current level of proficiency and then we can recommend a variety of different customizable flight solutions based on your needs. Helping you find everything from basic online preparatory courses that explain both the theory and practice of flying tailwheel airplanes, to local in-person transition training available in your region, to flight schools that offer CubCrafters aircraft rental and CubCrafters specific curriculum, or even to advanced mountain and backcountry flying seminars that afford CubCrafters pilots the opportunity to explore the true capabilities of these airplanes, our team is here to help you gain expert level proficiency in your CubCrafters aircraft.

For a free no cost training consultation, please contact your regional CubCrafters Certified Sales Center.

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