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Classic Utility
Useful Load: >1,000 lbs. Top Speed: 120 mph. Cruise Speed: 112 mph. Stall Speed: 48 mph. Certification: Part 23.

Modern-day Super Cub

The Piper Super Cub has been considered by many to be the ultimate backcountry airplane. It could land and take off where no other airplane dared go. Excellent low-speed manners, reliability and versatility assured its place in the hearts of backcounty pilots.

The Top Cub is all of that, and much, much more.

  • top cub design


    • Most Modern iteration of the Super Cub
    • Classic Utility
    • Class Leading Useful Load
    • Impressive Low-Speed Handling
    • Built for Rugged Backcountry Operation

A Better Super Cub

The Top Cub is stronger, safer, and can carry more cargo. It can take off and land in shorter distances, with greater pilot control. It can fly farther, providing greater comfort. It is an airplane that has taken the best from the past and, using the very latest in design, material and manufacturing technology, has established a new standard.


  • Aircraft

    • Certification
      FAA Part 23
    • Type
      Single engine land & sea
    • Crew
  • Powerplant

    • Engine
      Lycoming O-360-C4P 180HP
    • Propeller
      Sensenich 76-inch metal propeller
  • Dimensions

    • Length
      23 ft 6 in
    • Height
      8 ft 5 in
    • Wingspan
      35 ft 3 in
    • Wing Area
      178 sq ft
    • Cabin Width
      24" @ pilot position
    • Cabin Height
      52" @ pilot position
  • Weights

    • Empty Weight
      1,200 lbs
    • Gross Weight
      2,300 lbs
    • Useful Load
      >1,000 lbs
  • Capacities

    • Fuel
      50 gallons
    • Oil
      8 qts
  • Performance

    • Cruise Speed
      127 mph
    • Stall Speed
      48 mph
    • Rate of Climb
      up to 800 fpm
    • Endurance
      5 hrs
    • Range
      570 miles
    • Fuel Consumption
      6.8-9.7 gph
    • Takeoff Distance
      270 ft
    • Landing Distance
      400 ft
  • Speeds

    • VNE
      152 mph never exceed speed - top of yellow on airspeed indicator
    • VsO
      48 mph stall speed with flaps down, slowest stall speed
    • Vs1
      54 mph stall speed with flaps up, clean
    • VFE
      89 mph maximum speed - flaps extended
    • Vo
      102 mph maximum operating maneuvering speed
    • Vx
      60 mph best angle of climb speed
    • Vy
      74 mph best rate of climb speed

*Performance numbers assume optimal conditions, actual numbers will vary. Fuel consumption and speed will vary with power settings

Modern Classic

Certainly Top Cubs appeal to bush pilots, and the airplane can be ordered with optional tundra tires (up to 35"), skis or amphibious floats, along with belly pods to further increase cargo and fuel capacity. In fact, the Top Cub is an ideal choice for any adventure-seeking pilot, as the same capabilities that lend themselves to exploring the Alaskan wilderness make it great for camping, fishing and hunting expeditions and cross-country sight-seeing.


CubCrafters aircraft are sold through Certified Sales Centers. Our factory-selected Cub enthusiasts are ready to help make your buying experience smooth and worry-free.