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carbon-cub ul

The Beginning of a New Era

Designed to meet Light Sport standards in the U.S. and the Ultralight requirements of many international jurisdictions in Europe, South America and elsewhere.

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New Rotax Powered Carbon Cub

The company has invested in several new technologies to make the Carbon Cub UL even lighter and better performing than its predecessor, the Carbon Cub SS. The goal is a new airplane that features multi-fuel technology (MOGAS & AVGAS), fully meets ASTM standards, and carries 2 adult people with a full fuel load and a reasonable amount of baggage at a takeoff weight of 600 kg (1320 lbs) and under.


  • Aircraft

    • Certification
      Light Sport / Ultralight
    • Type
      Single engine land & sea
    • Crew
  • Powerplant

    • Engine
      Rotax 916 iS
    • Propeller
  • Dimensions

    • Length
      23 ft 3 in
    • Height
      8 ft 4 in
    • Wingspan
      34 ft 3 in
    • Wing Area
      179 sq ft
    • Cabin Width
      30" @ pilot position
    • Cabin Height
      52" @ pilot position
  • Weights

    • Empty Weight
      860 lbs depending on equipment
    • Gross Weight
      1,320 lbs
    • Useful Load
      460 lbs depending on equipment
  • Capacities

    • Fuel
      22 gallons usable
  • Performance

    • Cruise Speed
      130+ mph (w/ variable pitch prop)
    • Stall Speed
      32 mph
    • Endurance
      3.2 hrs* with standard fuel (normal, 80hp cruise)
    • Range
      416 miles
    • Takeoff Distance
      50 ft*
    • Landing Distance
      90 ft*

*Performance numbers assume optimal conditions, actual numbers will vary. Fuel consumption and speed will vary with power settings


CubCrafters aircraft are sold through Certified Sales Centers. Our factory-selected Cub enthusiasts are ready to help make your buying experience smooth and worry-free.