XCub Payload

Long missions, whether a long distance or a long stay, require more payload. CubCrafters engineered XCub to reach further and carry more, making those distant adventures possible. As always, every pilot is responsible for the weight and balance calculation before each flight. As in other aircraft, XCub pilots are encouraged to load heavy items forward of lighter ones… Read more »

2,000 Miles for a Lobster Roll

  I have always wanted to try an authentic New England lobster roll and some real Boston clam chowder. Growing up on the West Coast you hear of such things and how great they are supposed to be, but how can you know if they truly live up to the hype unless you go find… Read more »

Press Release: CubCrafters Launches All-New Website

  Yakima, Washington – March 31, 2017: CubCrafters has launched a complete redesign of the company’s website that covers their entire line of Part 23 Certified, LSA, and Experimental aircraft, technical support for aircraft owners and kit builders, as well as contact information for Certified Sales Centers, Authorized Service Centers, and Factory-Approved Flight Training. The… Read more »

81 Days

    For many builders, their Carbon Cub is a proud possession. A shiny treasure. An objet d’art to be lovingly pampered… protected from harsh treatment and the elements. Toby Ashley wanted none of that. He needed a brutally durable working machine that would access and escape impossibly small, dauntingly rugged scraps of Alaska where… Read more »

BasicMed Program

  Many pilots have heard about FAA’s new BasicMed program, and are excited about it going live on May 1, 2017. But many questions are swirling around about the exact details, and I find in my everyday conversations with pilots that there are varying degrees of understanding of what, exactly, BasicMed means. I’ve attempted to… Read more »

G-Series Flaps and Ailerons FAQs

    CubCrafters G-Series Flaps and Ailerons are provided as standard equipment on Carbon Cub FX, EX-2 kit and XCub, . They have been commended for their improved performance and handling qualities. The G-Series Flaps are the first slotted design included on a factory-produced CubCrafters aircraft. The new G-Series ailerons are designed to improve control… Read more »

3,100 Miles In A Carbon Cub

    I completed my initial training at CubCrafters and it included almost 30 hours in various airplanes and TacAero School too. It was total immersion and now I was about to fly my longest cross-country ever. I have owned my J3 since 2000 and I learned to fly in the airplane years before as… Read more »

The New CubCrafters Blog

    Welcome to the Inside CC Blog! I’m usually a bit uncomfortable when I meet people socially and, when the conversation gets around to what I do with my leisure time, I disclose that I’m a pilot and have been immersed in various types of aircraft and flying for over 30 years now. Non-aviators consider… Read more »

New Carbon Cub Transponders Deliver ADS-B Compliance

  CubCrafters Offers New Garmin Transponders with Integrated ADS-B Functionality CubCrafters has announced two new transponders for Carbon Cub buyers who select the company’s Executive GLASS touch instrument panel, which includes Garmin’s G3X Touch 10.6” flight display system. The new transponders, Garmin’s GTX 335R and GTX 345R, both include an integrated WAAS/GPS position source enabling ADS-B “Out” functionality. Thus, all new Carbon Cubs equipped with… Read more »

Retrofit Parachutes Available for Carbon Cub and Sport Cub

  New Systems from BRS Aerospace Available for Installation on CubCrafters Fleet of LSA, Kit, and Builder Assist Aircraft CubCrafters is announcing the availability of new airframe parachute systems for the company’s existing fleet of adventure airplanes. In May of 2016, the company introduced systems for new production Carbon Cubs. Now, retrofit parachutes may be installed at CubCrafters,… Read more »