N464LM – Carbon Cub SS


  • Location: Ballston Spa, NY
  • Serial: CC11-00345
  • Model: CC11-160
  • Year: 2014
  • N Number: N464LM
  • TTAF: 856
  • TTE: 856
  • Engine: CC340 (180 HP)
  • Prop: Catto 80x50 Propeller
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 Gallons plus Fuel Pod
  • Empty Weight: 986
  • Gross Weight: 1320
  • Last Annual: April 2023
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9


You have to fly this airplane to believe it….. and then you will want an upgrade in your flying world.

Words fail when trying to describe what its like to line up and apply full power in the Carbon Cub SS. The powerful Titan CC340 engine mounted on the lightweight Carbon Cub airframe yields an paranormal experience. The Carbon Cub SS is truly a special aircraft that you must experience for yourself. N464LM is a 2014 SS ELSA aircraft with approximately 856 TT and well equipped to help you navigate your own off airport adventure. With its high power to low weight ratio this carbon cub easily takes you and your gear to the hideaway of your choice. The extended baggage with side access door as well as the 24 gallon fuel load plus an additional 18 gallon fuel pod helps ensure you can get you and your stuff both in and out. You can also be assured of landing ease with the strength of the 3×3 extended landing gear coupled with the AOSS shocks, 1.5” grove brakes and the cushioned 26” Airstreak bush tires. The ABW tail wheel spring and 3200 steerable tail wheel also add a level strength needed in the backcountry. We often like to say that if you can get into a spot, we know the SS can get you out of it provided you have the skills necessary of course. But skills are just a part of it, good equipment is necessary too and this Carbon Cub SS has the benefit of the best navigation equipment. The Garmin G3X Executive Glass Touch panel includes the Garmin 307 autopilot, the Garmin GTR 200 com radio and the Garmin GTX 345 transponder. All of this plus the Aveo LED Nav lights and dual LED landing lights with wig wag. Other features include dual GA plugs with dual 6pin lemo connectors, Oregon aero leather pilot seat, removable rear sling seat for more utility and dual skylight vents.

You can plan to travel smoothly and confidently in your new Carbon Cub SS. 115 mph is not unusual in cruise flight burning just 7gph and it only takes 60’ to fall in love with this one. The best selling LSA in America is also the highest performance adventure aircraft in the world. Lightweight and powerful, the Carbon Cub SS has made the most challenging mountain clearings accessible. It takes off in just a few plane lengths and lands just as short. No other aircraft explores the limits of the Light Sport category more than the Carbon Cub SS. Where will this one take you?

Aircraft Log

Engine Log

Prop Log


Garmin G3X Executive Glass Touch

Garmin 305 Auto Pilot

Garmin 345 Transponder

Kanad 406 ELT

Garmin GTR 200 Radio


3200A Tail Wheel

Dual Trim Control

Oregon Aero Leather Pilot Seat

Extended Baggage with Access Door

26″ Airstreak Bush Tires

AOSS shocks

3×3 Landing Gear

Catto 80×50 NLE Propeller

Aerosport CC340 Engine

Amsafe Seat Belts

24 Gallon Fuel tanks

18 Gallon Fuel Pod

Aveo Nav / Landing lights with wig wag

Price: $239,500


Mark Keneston

CubCrafters Northeast /Great Lakes region


Ballston Spa, NY (5B2)