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Configure Your XCub

Specifications, available options, and pricing are subject to change without notice.

Paint Schemes

  • *Arctic or Solar only




Color Themes

Single-stage urethane

Premium Color Themes


Single-stage metallic urethane

  • Certification Options

    • FAA Part 23 Certified

      The XCub is FAA certified to meet the rigorous design, testing, and manufacturing standards under Part 23 and Part 21 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. No Builder Assist program participation is required to purchase the aircraft, and the Standard Certificate of Airworthiness allows the airplane to be exported to 193 countries worldwide under ICAO rules; or used domestically for flight training, FBO leaseback, air taxi, or other similar missions.

    • EAB (Builder Assist Only)

      The same plane as the FAA Part 23 certified XCub, but with buyer participation in the CubCrafters Builder Assist program allowing for Experimental Amateur Built certification. This results in the same high design test, and manufacturing standards as a Part 23 XCub, but with more avionics, propeller, and landing gear choices, allowing private party owners to take advantage of many of the latest technological improvements offered for this class of aircraft in General Aviation.

  • Instrument Panels

    • Standard VFR

      Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Tachometer, Oil Pressure/Temp, Garmin aera 796 GPS, Electronics Int’l CGR-30P Engine Monitor, Trig TY91 Comm Radio, PS-Engineering PM3000R Stereo Intercom, Trig TT22 Transponder, Kannad 406AF Integra (with GPS)

    • Garmin G3X

      Garmin G3X™ Touch with 10.6” display, Synthetic Vision, Front-loading SD™ card slot, Garmin GTR 20 VHF Comm, Garmin GTX 335R remote mode S transponder, Stereo Intercom, Video input, SiriusXM Weather/Audio ready

  • Instrument Panel Options

    • Garmin Dual-Axis Autopilot

      Two Garmin GSA28 Integrated Servos • Garmin GMC-307 Control Panel Garmin G3X required

    • Garmin GDL 84 (ADS-B package)

      Full IN/OUT compliance. Includes Flight Stream 210 with AHRS (Standard VFR)

    • Garmin GDL 52 3D

      Backup attitude gyro, AHRS, ADS-B weather & traffic, bluetooth (Standard VFR)

    • Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator

      Standalone backup attitude gyro (replaces VSI, includes G35 WAAS on SVFR panel)

    • Garmin GTX 345R Transponder

      ADS-B in & out Garmin G3X required

  • Interior Options

    • Standard Interior Package

      Ballistic nylon seats, titanium footwell, 8 mesh storage areas, 1 bottle holder, 2 TSO'd USB ports, carbon composite interior panels, retractable glareshield.

    • AHTANUM Interior Package

      Premium leather seats, rear-seat entertainment console, 10 storage areas, 2 bottle holders, 4 USB charging ports, carbon panels.

    • Headset Hooks (Pair)
    • Cargo Net
  • Airframe Options

    • WAT Orion/Parmetheus LED Lighting & Strobe Upgrade

      See and be seen! Choose the industry-leading Whelen Aerospace Technologies Orion and Parmetheus LED lighting & strobe upgrade package. WAT lights carry a 5 year warranty and are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards for years of dependable use. EAB Builer Assist aircraft only

  • Engine Options

    • O-360 C1G Carburated Engine w/Mags (180 HP)
    • CC393i Fuel Injected Engine w/dual EIS (215 HP)
    • Electroair Electronic Ignition System

      Replaces one magneto, O-360-C1G 180 HP engine only.

    • Reiff Engine Preheat System

      Includes 4 cylinders and oil pan preheat (110VAC).

  • Propeller Options

    • Hartzell Trailblazer 2-Bladed Constant Speed
    • Hartzell Trailblazer 3-Bladed Constant Speed
  • Float Options

    • Wipline 2100A Amphibious Floats
    • Wipline 2100 Seaplane Floats
  • Landing Gear & Tire Options

    • Standard Gear (Hydrasorb)

      Includes 6:00x6 Tires EAB Only

    • Nosewheel

      Requires Spring Gear & 8:50x6 Goodyear Tires or 26" Tundra Tires

    • Spring Gear (Grove)

      Includes 6x600 Tires

    • 8:50x6 Goodyear Tires
    • 26" ABW Tundra Tires
    • 29" ABW Tundra Tires
    • 31" ABW Tundra Tires
    • 35" ABW Tundra Tires
    • 3200B Baby Bushwheel Tailwheel
    • Acme Aero Black-Ops

      Requires Standard Gear (Hydrasorb)

    • Acme Aero Pro Series

      Requires Standard Gear (Hydrasorb)

    • Acme Stinger
  • Additional Options

    • Bose A30 Headset

      Bluetooth, coiled cord, 6-pin LEMO connector

    • Custom N-Number

      *While you may check specific N# availabilty, please DO NOT RESERVE AN N# WITH THE FAA OR THROUGH THE FAA WEBSITE. CubCrafters will handle the registration process

    • Factory Engine Break-In For Certified Aircraft

      Includes 10 hours break-in flight following production, first oil change and oil analysis.

    • EAB Phase 1 Flight Testing* (Task Based)

      *EAB (Builder Assist) Certification Option Only • Includes factory-recommended engine break-in, fuel, first oil change & oil filter cut/inspection.

    • Disassembly & Crating

      Includes cradles for shipping.

    • Ferry / Delivery*

      *ALL AIRCRAFT ARE FOB YAKIMA, WA • Ferry/Delivery of aircraft may be available at additional cost. Contact your Certified Sales Center for full details

    • Custom Options*

      Contact your Certified Sales Center for full details

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Your Aircraft Preview
  • Base Price $419,800
  • Standard Paint Scheme $0
  • Arctic Theme $0
  • Garmin Aera 796 GPS $0
  • Standard Gear (Hydrasorb) $0
Deposit: $75,000
Accepting Bitcoin

*Calculated price is provided for convenience and is subject to review by CubCrafters or Certifed Sales Center

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Standard Features

    • Lycoming O-360-C1G - 180 horsepower
    • Hartzell Trailblazer composite, constant-speed prop
    • Carbon Composite spinner
    • Spin-on oil filter
    • Engine oil quick drain
    • Carbon composite two-piece split cowling
    • Two 24.5 gallon wing tanks (49 gallon capacity)
    • Fuel selector valve (Left, Right, Off)
    • Lighted Fuel sight gauges
    • Fuel pump
    • Modified USA35(B) airfoil
    • G-Series slotted flaps & airfoil ailerons
    • Direct push-rod aileron controls
    • Vortex generators
    • Gap Seals
    • Galvanized rudder control cables
    • Side-access baggage door
    • Rear step to enter copilot seat
    • Float fittings
    • Lightweight starter
    • 40 amp alternator
    • Lightweight LED strobe, nav and landing lights
    • Interior Night VFR lighting package
    • Dual flight controls
    • Dual toe brakes
    • PTT switches on pilot and co-pilot controls
    • Parking brake
    • ANR headset connections
    • Adjustable front and rear seats with memory foam cushions
    • Removable rear seat
    • TSO’d USB charging ports
    • 12V charging port
    • Cabin heat
    • Cabin fresh air vents
    • Acrylic skylight
    • Halon Fire Extinguisher
    • Hydrasorb Gear (EAB Only)
    • Grove wheels & brakes
    • 6:00 x 6 Goodyear tires
    • 3200-type steerable tailwheel (by Alaskan Bushwheel)
    • Front & rear seat inertia-reel 4-point harnesses
    • Audible stall, altitude and terrain warnings
    • Kannad 406 AF Integra ELT (with GPS)
    • Visual fuel gauges
    • Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage
    • One year limited warranty