First EASA Approved XCub headed to the United Kingdom

Top Adventure Aircraft is Now Approved for Flight in Europe

Yakima, Washington – August 26th, 2020: The first new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified CC19 XCub has now shipped for Europe from the CubCrafters company headquarters in Yakima, Washington. The aircraft, to be placed on the United Kingdom registry as G-OBTO, is the first ever EASA certified aircraft to be approved with Garmin’s immensely popular G3X Touch glass panel avionics suite.

The inaugural customer, Gerhard Oberholzer, who intends to base the aircraft at Fowlmere Airfield north of London states that: “A key purpose of having an aircraft like this is to be able to travel across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland on business, enabling very efficient access to often remote parts of the islands – using the aircraft as a working tool.” He also notes that “The XCub, with its higher cruising speed and modern avionics, coupled with an advanced autopilot, made a lot of sense. I’m very pleased with where we ended up.”

CubCrafters was awarded EASA certification for the XCub in 2018 after having shown full compliance with all European airworthiness, safety, and environmental requirements. The company then followed up the initial EASA certification with a groundbreaking effort to offer Garmin’s non-TSO’d touch screen glass panel avionics to European customers, the only OEM manufacturer to do so in a certified aircraft.

“The European market is very important to us in the continuing expansion of international XCub sales opportunities,” said Patrick Horgan, president of CubCrafters. “There has been a lot of hard work getting to this point with EASA. We are extremely pleased to see the market has responded and the first new XCubs are now headed for Europe.”

Kamil Skorupski, who manages distribution of the XCub in Europe as part of the CubCrafters global sales network, is already seeing a keen anticipation for the new aircraft. “Within a year we will have XCubs based in the UK, Iceland, Germany, and France” he reports. “Interest is strong and will only grow as more aircraft arrive and European pilots can personally see the style, safety, and utility the XCub offers.”

Delivery positions for new EASA-certified XCubs are available for mid-2021. European customers are encouraged to register their interest with CubCrafters Europe at

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