Cubcrafters Opens New Customer Completion Center

CubCrafters has opened a new dedicated Customer Completion Center in order to accommodate growing demand for the company’s line of Light Sport, Experimental, and FAA Certified backcountry aircraft.

With plans to manufacture over 100 new airframes in 2019 alone, the company has continued to deliver on its commitment to ramp-up production. CubCrafters’ growth has been on a continuous upward trend since the introduction of the original Light Sport Carbon Cub in 2009, which was further fueled by the introduction of the FAA certified XCub in 2016. More recently, the company’s Factory eXperimental (FX) builder assistance program has surged in popularity. This is the innovative program that allows customers to complete their own Experimental Amateur Built aircraft at the CubCrafters factory, including the best-selling 3rd generation of the Carbon Cub, the high performance FX-3.

The new facility provides the additional space and personnel needed to expand final assembly and pre-delivery operations across all product lines. “Our new Customer Completion Center adds over 11,000 sq. ft. of operational space, but the real focus here is not just manufacturing more airplanes, this new building is dedicated to producing better airplanes” explains Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters’ president. ”We’re making an investment to make sure the airplanes that we deliver to our customers meet the highest possible safety, quality, and fit & finish standards.”

Located on the south ramp at McAllister Field (KYKM) in Yakima, WA, the new facility is already up and running. With enough hangar floor space to accommodate 8-10 aircraft, multiple offices for technical and customer support staff, and customer friendly spaces for the CubCrafters FX builder assist program, the new facility and its talented staff will ensure CubCrafters continues meet demand as the company grows in its mission to revolutionize personal adventure aviation.


CubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and CEO, Jim Richmond, is located at McAllister Field Airport (YKM) in Yakima, WA. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 70-year history of classic taildragger aviation, but its products and services are innovative and completely modern.

CubCrafters designs and manufactures Experimental, Light Sport, and FAA certified Part 23 aircraft. The Top Cub, with a useful load of over 1,000 lbs., is the most up-to-date iteration of the historic Super Cub available. Now in its 3rd generation, the Carbon Cub has redefined expectations for backcountry aircraft with light weight, powerful engines, and breathtaking performance. The flagship XCub substantially expands the mission profile of Certified personal adventure aircraft with its higher speed, longer range, and larger payload.



Is it just me or is the carbon cub gone up in price in the last five years. I see them over 100,000.00 dollars these days.I would rather buy a real cub for 30,000 dollars.I read the trade a plane every month so I know.

Jim Herman

Of course the price is rising. You have a popular plane, you’re 1 year or more behind delivery, which creates even more demand, even the used planes are going up in price, why wouldn’t the factory raise the price? They have no reason to increase production because they’re making money hand over fist, and people are ok with waiting for their plane. They could start another shift at the factory, but why? If the new tricycle gear plane becomes popular the waiting time is going to increase even more.

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