XCub Payload

Long missions, whether a long distance or a long stay, require more payload. CubCrafters engineered XCub to reach further and carry more, making those distant adventures possible.

As always, every pilot is responsible for the weight and balance calculation before each flight. As in other aircraft, XCub pilots are encouraged to load heavy items forward of lighter ones in the baggage compartment.



Oh NO! I (PIC) weigh 245-250, wife weighs ~185…….Looks like the X-Cub is not gonna work for us.

Big downer. I wanted a small amfib for fishing! Guessing amfib weight limits are even lower


this picture with diagram seems misleading, unless I am missing something? how can you get it to 2300lbs gross weight? unless you tie moose quarters to the wing struts? if gross weight is 2300, and full fuel is 294, and one 175lb pilot, and empty weight is 1685, that should leave 615lbs for baggage, according to the diagram you have shown this does not add up? can anyone give some clarity on this

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