Press Release: CubCrafters Launches All-New Website


Yakima, Washington – March 31, 2017: CubCrafters has launched a complete redesign of the company’s website that covers their entire line of Part 23 Certified, LSA, and Experimental aircraft, technical support for aircraft owners and kit builders, as well as contact information for Certified Sales Centers, Authorized Service Centers, and Factory-Approved Flight Training. The website also includes community support vehicles such as an event calendar, a company blog for articles, news and technical content, as well as a public forum.

“For years, the CubCrafters website has been our primary communications hub,” says John Whitish, CubCrafters’ Director of Global Marketing. “Aircraft are often more than just products; they are an essential part of our community’s lifestyle. Being practical, it is difficult to deliver the scope of information required to support that community any other way.” That ever-broadening information delivery has necessitated renewed web design and layout, a revision to the site’s basic navigation, plus new features intended to extend outreach.

CubCrafters’ website includes detailed descriptions of the aircraft and kits offered, technical specifications, available options, and pricing. The company also lists pre-owned inventory and directs visitors to appropriate Sales Centers across the USA, and in international markets. The website is also a critical resource for existing airplane owners and kit builders. Contact info for CubCrafters’ Factory Support Team is included, as well as for the company’s network of Authorized Service Centers. Further, Technical Publications are available online, and aircraft owners may subscribe to receive email notifications when publications are released or revised.

An emphasis on community outreach is reflected under the website’s COMPANY tab, where an adventure-centric event calendar is posted, along with public forums, and a company blog. “At the end of the day, our customers’ positive ownership experience is what matters above all else,” comments Randy Lervold, CubCrafters’ President. “Our website draws like-minded flyers together to experience these unique, exciting aircraft, and that growing community enriches airplane ownership immensely. We hope Cub drivers will visit often, engage and make friends.”

CubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and CEO, Jim Richmond, is located at McAllister Field Airport (YKM) in Yakima, WA. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 70-year history of classic taildragger aviation, but its products and services are innovative and completely modern.
CubCrafters designs and manufactures Part 23 Certified, LSA and Experimental aircraft. The company’s newest introduction, XCub, substantially expands the mission profile of sport utility aircraft with its higher speed, longer range and larger payload. The Top Cub, with a useful load of over 1,000 lbs., is the most up-to-date iteration of the historic Super Cub available. The Carbon Cub has redefined expectations of “backcountry aircraft” with its light weight, powerful engine, and breathtaking performance. Three variants are offered: the original, Carbon Cub SS, is a production LSA. Carbon Cub EX-2 is the most complete aircraft kit available, and Carbon Cub FX is a clever E-AB “builder assist” program.

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