SOLD – N82371 – A Perfect 10/10 Modern Classic Super Cub!


  • Location: CubCrafters Factory - Yakima, WA
  • Serial: 18-7709148
  • Make: Piper Aircraft Corporation
  • Model: PA-18 Super Cub (certified)
  • Year: 1977 (582.6 hours prior to fresh rebuild in 2021)
  • N Number: N82371
  • TTAF: 10 Hours (since new)
  • TTE: 10 Hours (since new)
  • Engine: Lycoming 180 HP O-360-C1G
  • Prop: 80" Hartzell® 2-bladed Trailblazer
  • Fuel Capacity: 46 Gallons (two wing tanks) plus 18 Gallon (cargo pod)
  • Empty Weight: 1315 lbs. (685 lbs. useful load)
  • Gross Weight: 2000 lbs. (Wipaire STC #SA00997CH)
  • Last Annual: December 2021
  • Interior Rating: 10/10 - Perfect
  • Exterior Rating: 10/10 - Perfect


FOR SALE $349,000 – Contact Brad Damm at (509) 961-2313 – Phone or Text

This airplane is absolutely as perfect as a Super Cub can get. Just freshly 100% rebuilt from the ground up, it has all of the popular Alaska PA-18 modifications, plus a lot more. A Lycoming® 180 HP engine, Hartzell® Trailblazer constant speed prop, Keller double-slotted flaps, 2000 lb. gross weight upgrade, reinforced 3rd seat baggage area, headerless fuel system, belly pod, AOSS suspension, 31″ Alaskan Bushwheels® and a modern Garmin® G3X glass panel avionics suite. All the work was personally completed or overseen in retirement by “The Cub Whisperer” Stan Franz, the former 30-year Director of Maintainance at CubCrafters. He says this is his last Cub project, so there was no option or expense spared in building up this 1977 Super Cub as an ultimate Alaska PA-18 bush machine that has every conceivable PA-18 improvement and STC all wrapped up into one great package. This is a fully certified airplane (not experimental – so it’s ready for work or play), and with a new airframe, engine, and propeller, along with new cover, new paint, modern avionics, and pretty much everything else brand new too, this is essentially a completely new airplane ready for decades of fun and trouble-free service.

We’re just finishing up test flight and engine break-in, and then this modernized classic bush plane is ready for your 2022 flying season. If you’re interested, don’t wait, there won’t be another PA-18 this nice for a long time (if ever) and his one won’t last long!






Lycoming® O-360-C1G engine
80″ Hartzell® Trailblazer propeller
Hartzell® propeller spinner assembly
F. Atlee Dodge® Hot Rod Muffler
2-piece muffler shroud
B&C® spin-on oil filter


B&C® 40-amp alternator
Lightweight starter, Sky-Tec®
Lightweight battery
LR3® regulator
Whelen Aerospace® LED landing, nav, strobe, and position lights
Flashing tail beacon
Precise Flight® Pulselite® system


Extended range wing fuel tanks (23 gallons each)
Low point fuel drains
CubCrafters® headerless Fuel system
Airglas® LT-18 fuel/cargo pod (18 gallons)
Fuel transfer pump
F. Atlee Dodg®e fuel site gauges
Fuel Selector Valve: L, R, Both, Off
Steve’s Aircraft® gascolator


Classic Piper® style round instrument panel
Garmin® G3X Touch system w/full digital EFIS
– Digital airspeed IAS/TAS/GS
– Digital altitude PA/DA/GPS
– Digital attitude Indicator
– Digital incliminometer
– Digital directional gyro
– Digital trim indicator
– Background synthetic vision
– GPS maps, VFR Sectional charts, IFR charts
– Terrain warning (visual and audible)
– GPS navigation (waypoint/heading/track)
– Digital OAT (outside air temperature)
Garmin® GTR 20 com radio
Garmin® GTX 345R transponder (ADS-B In/Out & Free WX)
Garmin® GEA 24 engine analyzer/monitor
– Digital tachometer
– Digital oil Pressure/Temp
– Digital CHT monitor
– Digital EGT monitor
– Digital fuel management computer
Backup analog indicated airspeed gauge
Spare 3 1/8″ hole (for future amphib float installation if desired)
SIRS windshield-mounted whiskey compass
Key switch for magnetos and starter
Deluxe cold start fuel primer
Vernier propeller control
Vernier mixture control


3rd seat/180-lb baggage compartment
Reverse dog-leg brace modification
Folding front seat
CubCrafters® deluxe memory foam fabric seats
Deluxe PA-18 door seals
Front and rear inertial reel shoulder harnesses
F. Atlee Dodge® floor-mounted front lap belt
LIMO/Bose® headset jacks, GA plugs
Map pocket, aluminum
Extended cabin heat
Rear Seat cabin heat
Removable rear seat crossbar
Rear seat storage compartment
CubCrafters® aluminum headliner
Extended baggage compartment
Under rear seat storage compartment
Front and rear PTT switches
Right side access baggage door
Tinted skylight
Fire extinguisher
Powdercoated full metal floorboards
Artex® 406 MHz ELT


New 31″ Alaskanb Bushwheels®
Cleveland wheels and brakes
HP brake master cylinders
Parking brakes
3″ extended landing gear, 1 1/2″ axle
3″ extended safety cables
Classic Piper® Hubcaps
HD cabane vee
Burl’s Aircraft® AOSS Suspension
Landing gear safety cables
F. Atlee Dodge® float step(s)
Pawnee tail spring
Alaskan Bushwheel® 3200 style tailwheel


Front spar lift strut reinforcement bracket
Extended double-slotted Keller® flaps
Full span vortex generators
Stainless tie-down rings
Float lift rings
Aft metal belly
“X” brace in skylight
Wipaire® 2000-lb gross weight increase
Reinforced fuselage
Weld-on float fittings
F. Atlee Dodge® HD tie-downs
CubCrafters® External door handle
Blade-style transponder antenna
Stits® Polyfiber® fabric covering
PA-18 flight manual supplements

Price: $349,000


Brad Damm – VP of Sales / CubCrafters Factory

(509) 961-2313 – Phone or Text

McAllister Field (KYKM)
1918 South 16th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98903

Concerned about Covid-19? – We can bring this aircraft to you!