SOLD – N821ND – Carbon Cub FX2


  • Location:
  • Serial: CCX-1865-0018
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: Carbon Cub FX2
  • Year: 2016
  • N Number: N821ND
  • TTAF: 507
  • TTE: 507
  • Engine: Titan CC340
  • Prop: Catto 80x50 NLE
  • Fuel Capacity: 40g
  • Empty Weight: 1078
  • Gross Weight: 1865
  • Last Annual: July 2020
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9


Check it out!  A SUPER RARE Carbon Cub FX2 is hitting the used market!  Get a factory-built-quality 1865 lbs gross weight Carbon Cub without having to buy a Kit build.  Less than 30 FX2’s have been built, and to buy a new one today with these options would cost $288K.

A gorgeous Navy Blue, this beauty has all the options you’d want, plus a bunch of extra “add on’s” and upgrades like Acme shocks to make it a very special FX2.  This plane is based in Arizona, and has been very carefully taken care of and maintained.  Never fails to make a splash on any ramp, and many have said they would jump to buy it when it becomes available!  Don’t procrastinate; it won’t be for sale long.  She is priced $48K below new, and without the 12 months wait for a new one.


Located in Phoenix, AZ, she is ready for your inspection, and for you to fall in love with her!


Extremely popular Navy Blue paint
Checkerboard Rudder upgrade
40g extended range fuel tanks
Lightweight LED nav and strobe lights, with Wig-Wag Landing Lights
Gap Seals on Elevator and Rudder
Medium weight Stits Polyfiber fabric
Fuel sight gauges
Inertial Reel 4 Point seat belt system for Pilot and Co-pilot
Complete 4130 Steel reinforced fuselage
Dogleg frame in baggage area
Super Cub airfoil – USA35(B)
Vortex Generators for sub 32 mph stall speed
787 lb Useful load
Slight wing rash repaired at CubCrafters in 2017 (fully reskinned wing)


Titan CC340 Engine, 180hp
Catto 80×50 NLE high performance prop
Stunning STOL performance and 2000+ fpm climbs
Dual Electronic Ignition
Magnesium Accessory Case
Lightweight 40amp alternator
Ignition backup battery system
Integrated Backup Battery System for power bus
Upgraded Odyssey SBS-J16 main Battery
Iridium spark plugs
Lightweight Hartzell starter
Ignition monitoring system
Frequent ~25 hour oil changes
Blackstone reports available on oil changes

Executive Glass Panel
Garmin G3X Touch
Garmin GMC-307 2-axis Autopilot w/GSA28 servos
Garmin GTX23ES Mode S Transponder
Garmin GDL39R ADS-B Receiver
Garmin GPS20A ADS-B Out Position Source
Fully ADS-B IN/OUT compliant
GTR 200 VHF Comm
Complete AOA visual and aural system
Synthetic Vision
Stereo Intercom
Video and Audio Input
SiriusXM Weather/Audio
12v outlet
LEMO style Bose ANR headset plugs
Kannad 401 ELT
Whiskey Compass
Ignition monitoring system

Acme Gen-3 upgraded suspension system
Acme Stinger upgraded adjustable tailshock system
3×3 Extended and covered landing gear
26” Alaska Bushwheels with optional extra rubber tread; ~250 hours
Upgraded 1.5” Brakes
3200-type Steerable Tailwheel

Oregon Aero upgraded Pilot Seat
Control Stick overwrap with Trim, PTT and A/P cutoff
Extended Baggage compartment with access door
Upgraded rudder cable covers in complete baggage area
Upgraded baggage area fabric liner for finished look
Foldable and storable rear seat
Headset hooks
Upgraded full skylight and front window removable sun screens
Halon Fire extinguisher mounted under pilot seat front
Cup/Bottle holder for Pilot

Price: $240,000


SunCountry Cubs
Rick Bosshardt