N5923C – 2013 Carbon Cub SS – REDUCED!


  • Location: Spanish Fork, UT
  • Serial: CC11-00285
  • Model: CC11-160
  • Year: 2013
  • N Number: N5923C
  • TTAF: 450
  • TTE: 450
  • Engine: Titan CC340 180HP
  • Prop: Catto 80x50 NLE Propeller
  • Fuel Capacity: 40g Extended Range Fuel Tanks
  • Empty Weight: 973
  • Gross Weight: 1320
  • Last Annual: November 2023
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9


Have you been trying to find a Carbon Cub SS with extended range tanks?  They are quite rare, but this one has just hit the used open market!  A very hard to find SS with extended range tanks, and the very nice and limited edition “Elevation Blue” metallic paint, which is quite rare.  This plane has the Executive Panel, and has been upgraded with ADSB.  With the new plenum, cowl and 80×50 Catto prop, she has the best setup that an SS model can have. This plane has lived its whole life in Arizona and Utah, and has been very carefully hangered, taken care of and maintained.  Never fails to make a splash on any ramp, and many would be proud to own this nimble and quick off the ground plane.

Located in the Salt Lake area, she is ready for your inspection, and for you to fall in love with her!




450 Hours Total Time

E-LSA Certification

Signature Paint scheme with custom Elevation Blue metallic blue

Ballistic nylon front and back seats

40gal useable extended fuel tanks

Lightweight Aveo LED nav and strobe lights with wigwag

Fuel sight gauges

Upgraded firewall mounted brake fluid reservoirs

Inertial Reel 4 Point seat belt system for Pilot and Co-pilot

Complete 4130 Steel reinforced fuselage

Super Cub airfoil – USA35(B)

Vortex Generators for sub 26 mph stall speed

Extremely light Carbon Cub at 973 lbs empty

1320 Max Gross Experimental Light Sport category

Ground loop in 2018; new wings and complete makeover at CubCrafters

174 hours since repair

Hangar rash patch under right wing tip




CC340 Engine, 180hp

New style plenum and cowl

80×50 Nickel leading edge Catto prop; 174 TT

Engine tear down/rebuild by Aircraft Specialty Services

174 hours since engine refresh

Dual Electronic Ignition

Magnesium Accessory Case

Lightweight 40amp alternator

Ignition backup battery system

Iridium spark plugs

Lightweight Hartzell starter

Ignition monitoring system




Executive Panel

Garmin GDU375 GPS

Dynon Flightdek DL80 PFD

Appareo Stratus ESG Transponder with ADSB

Garmin SL40 VHF Comm

TruTrak Digiflight II 2-axis Autopilot

PM3000 Intercom

12v outlet

LEMO style Bose ANR headset plugs

Whiskey Compass

Ignition monitoring system




3×3 Extended covered landing gear

AOSS upgraded shocks

31” ABW Tires

Baby Bushwheel Tailwheel

Alaskan Bushwheel T3 heavy duty tail suspension



Oregon Aero upgraded ballistic nylon front seat

Foldable and storable rear seat

Extended Baggage compartment with access door

Rudder cable covers in baggage area

Cloth baggage area liner

Price: $219,500


SunCountry Cubs

Rick Bosshardt