SOLD – N58QT – 2021 Carbon Cub FX3


  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • Serial: CCX-2000-0115
  • Model: CCX-2000 FX3
  • Year: 2021
  • N Number: N58QT
  • TTAF: 170
  • TTE: 170
  • Engine: Lycoming CC363i
  • Prop: Hartzell Trailblazer 83"
  • Fuel Capacity: 43 Gal.
  • Empty Weight:
  • Gross Weight: 2000
  • Last Annual: May 2023
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


Stunning Low Time IFR Equipped Carbon Cub FX-3!!
Boomerang Spec’d it so it’s got all the good stuff and then some!!
Immaculate and ready to go!!!


SIGNATURE Paint Scheme – Titan Grey

Checkerboard Rudder

G3X Executive Glass touch Panel

Garmin GTX 345R upgrade

Garmin GMC 305

Mid-Continent TA102

HD Cabane Vee

Uncovered Gear Option

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

29″ ABW Tundra Tires (with HD Tread)

3200B Baby Bushwheel

Long Range Fuel Tanks (43 gallons total)

Extended Baggage & Access Door

Right Landing Light w/Wig-Wag

Rear Seat Trim Control

CubCrafters Memory Foam Fabric Front Seat and CubCrafters Memory Foam Fabric Fixed Rear Seat

Foam Gap Seals

Enclosed Rudder Cable Covers

83″ Hartzell C/S Prop

Two Additional Overhead Snapvents

Rosen Sunvisor

Odyssey SBS-J16 Battery

Halon Fire Extinguisher

Two Bose A20 Headsets (Bluetooth/coiled cord/LEMO)

Two Overhead Headset Hook

Custom Aircraft Registration Number

Dual USB Port in Left Header Panel

Acme Black Ops

Acme Stinger

Custom Panel including:

TA202 (USB-A/USB-C)  Garmin G5  GNC 355 GPS  GMA 245R Audio Panel  GTX 45R Transponder  GAP 26 Heated Pitot  GMC 305 Auto Pilot GTR 20

Checkerboard Rudder in Titan Grey

Beringer Wheels and Brakes

Vernier Mixture Control

HD Fabric on Belly and Horiz. Tail Section

Baggage Area Liner

Fuselage Float Kit

Price: Call for Price


Boomerang Air, LLC.

Chad Hayden
(757) 646-7508