SOLD – N499TX – 2022 NXCUB


  • Location: 88R - Spicewood, TX
  • Serial: CCX-2300-0047
  • Model: CCX-2300 NXCUB
  • Year: 2022
  • N Number: N499TX
  • TTAF: 56
  • TTE: 56
  • Engine: Lycoming CC393i - 215HP
  • Prop: Hartzell Trailblazer 76" constant-speed propeller
  • Fuel Capacity: Two 24.5 gallon wing tanks (49 gallon capacity)
  • Empty Weight:
  • Gross Weight: 2300
  • Last Annual: 09/30/2023
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


Here’s your chance to own one of the most popular backcountry airplanes available!! The CubCrafters NXCub has all the capability of our tailwheel models, but this nosewheel model is incredibly easy to fly, and with true STOL characteristics, you can literally go anywhere and do anything!! This NXCub has a powerful 215 HP Lycoming engine and Hartzell Trailblazer constant-speed propeller.  The premium leather interior package rounds out the package. With a 2300 lb. gross weight, this airplane is fast, has incredible range, and will carry almost anything that fits in the door. Available for immediate delivery!!


CCX-2300 XCub

Signature Paint Scheme

Grove Spring Aluminum Gear

26″ Alaska Bushwheel Tires

8:00 X 6″Goodyear (4 Ply) Nose Wheel

Ahtanum Interior Package – premuim leather

Reiff Engine preheat System (110V cylinders & oil pan)

Hartzell 2-Blade 76″ Propeller

Rosen Sunvisor

Overhead Headset Hooks (two each)

Custom Aircraft Registration Number

Paint Specifications: Firecracker red wing struts and wings, White leading edge on wings and horizontal, White checkerboard rudder

CC393i Fuel Injected Engine

Vernier Mixture

Two Additional Snapvents

Rudder Return Springs

Rear Stick Trim and Jumper

EarthX Battery

Custom Panel including:

TA202 (USB-A/USB-C)  Garmin G5  GNC 355 GPS  GMA 245R Audio Panel  GTX 45R Transponder  GAP 26 Heated Pitot  GMC 305 Auto Pilot GTR 20

Price: Call for Price


Boomerang Air, LLC.

Chad Hayden
(757) 646-7508