SOLD – N363Y 2020 EX3


  • Location: Upstate New York
  • Serial: CCK-2000-0034
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: CCK-2000
  • Year: 2020
  • N Number: N363Y
  • TTAF: 210
  • TTE: 730
  • Engine: Aerosport 363i
  • Prop: Hartzell 83" Trailblazer
  • Fuel Capacity: 44 gal
  • Empty Weight: 1139
  • Gross Weight: 2000
  • Last Annual: 11/2022
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


Now available for immediate flying fun, “Yankee One” N363Y is ready for the next adventure. This 2020
Carbon Cub EX3 was built by factory employee Mark Keneston located in Upstate NY at the Saratoga
County Airport (5B2). Mark has been in and around aviation for over 40 years learning to fly with his
father in the 1939 J3 Cub that he still owns and flys today. The mission was to build a Carbon Cub to not
only have a demonstrator to use in the region, but to learn all about the ins and outs of what makes a
CubCrafters aircraft so desirable.
About 363Y:
This EX3 is an EAB kit aircraft taken from our factory builder assist built FX3. They are the same bird.
With an empty weight of 1139# on 29” tires and a max gross of 2k, the aircraft routinely cruises at
125mph on 10.5 gph with a top speed of 130mph if you want to burn 12 gph. It can carry a load and
make reasonable time when you need to get somewhere. The HD 3×3 gear with aoss shocks and 29”
Alaska Bush Wheel tires, 3200A tail wheel as well as the larger 1.75” grove double puck brakes make off
airport arrivals a breeze. Fly it slow and land it slow. The speed is derived from the 83” Hartzel CS prop
and the Lycoming 363i 187hp engine which is fuel injected with lightspeed electronic ignition assuring
easy and reliable starts. In addition the USA35B airfoil is equipped with Micro VG’s for added low speed
maneuverability and gap seals in the tail group. We decided to stick with the highly recognizable
CubCrafters Signature plus paint scheme using midnight blue metallic over glacier white with crimson
and smoke metallic trim.
With 44 gallons of fuel and a left, right and both control you can figure a 3 hour leg with reserve and
take all you need or want using the extended baggage with easy to use side access door. Your comfort is
important on such a flight so we also installed the Oregon Aero cloth seats and for winter flying, you will
be thrilled with the front and rear cockpit heating and front defroster. I spend most of my time in the
back seat so I also installed rear stick trim and ptt. It makes for easier demonstration/instruction from
back there. The up front office includes the Garmin G3x executive glass panel, Garmin autopilot and the
Garmin GTX345 transponder with ADSB in and out. I commonly use SXM weather and radio in my
travels and easily transfer flight plans in foreflight to the cockpit. I have put just over 200 hours on 363Y
both on wheels and on skis and have traveled to points all over east of the Mississippi. Its fast enough
and carries plenty to do whatever you want. The condition inspection was just completed in November
2022 and is ready for a new home.


EX3 Built by Mark Keneston Factory Employee
Aerosport 363i Engine
Hartzell 83″ Constant Speed Prop
HD 3X3 Gear
31″ ABW Tires
3200A Tailwheel
Extended Baggage and Side Door
Signature Paint Scheme
1.75″ Breaks
AOSS Shocks
Oregon Aero Fabric Seats
Garmin G3X Touch Panel
Garmin GTX 345R
Gamin 307 Autopilot
Kannad ELT
Rear Stick Trim and Push to talk

Price: $339,000


Mark Keneston