SOLD – N327CC Sport Cub SLSA


  • Location:
  • Serial: CC11-100-0007
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: Sport Cub SLSA
  • Year: 2006
  • N Number: N327CC
  • TTAF: 185
  • TTE: 185
  • Engine: Continental O-200
  • Prop: Sensenich Wood Prop
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 Gallons
  • Empty Weight: 873
  • Gross Weight: 1320
  • Last Annual: 5/2022
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 95


With the FAA introduction of Light Sport, new technology and stronger lightweight
materials, the Sport Cub came on the scene and quickly became the fan favorite. With
an empty weight on 870# and flaps the Sport Cub fly’s more like the Super Cub 150. Its
larger cockpit, forward panel position, easy low entry door access and dual flip up
windows the Sport Cub quickly becomes first choice.
N327CC is a 2 owner aircraft with great maintenance history and as a true SLSA model
(not experimental) this Cub can be used in flight schools or other commercial operations.
This is a true value for those seeking to supplement their own flying. You can do a lease
back to a flight school for example. This bird is traditional Cub yellow with the black bolt,
standard landing gear with bungee suspension and 3200A tail wheel. The wings have
vortex generators to add extra lift at slower speeds and the flaps help you get really slow
for your greaser landing. Impress the onlookers every time if you like. And with 24
gallons of fuel on board and a 5gph burn rate from the Continental o-200 engine, you
can’t break the bank at the fuel farm.
Inside your new to you Sport Cub the seats are embroidered ballistic nylon with an easily
removable rear sling seat for added cargo space and an adjustable pilots seat. Even the
big guys fit in this one. There is a handy rear cargo floor and a nice sized cargo shelf
deeper in the fuselage. You really can pack a lot of gear in this one. Two control sticks
and PTT switches allows either seat position flight capability and the instrument panel
has a healthy, up to date compliment of electronics for fun flying. A Garmin 296 GPS,
Garmin SL 40 Com and Garmin 327 transponder as well as steam gauges keep you the
pilot in the know. This can be a great starter plane, a bump up from a J3 or a Champ, a
camping plane or even the end all be all Cub for that breakfast or ice cream run. Your
adventure awaits you. Call or email Mark Keneston for more details and a test flight.


Cub Yellow Urethane Paint
3200A Tailwheel
8:00×6 main tires
Bungess Suspension new
24G Fuel Tanks
Sky Light with vents
Standard Baggage, no door
Embroidered Ballistic Nylon Seats
Rear sling seats/ adjustable pilot seat
Rear Stick
Garmin 296 GPS, Garmin SL40 Comm
Garmin 327 Xpnder

Price: $125,900


Cub Crafters NE/GL

Mark Keneston