Goodyear Terra Tires for Aircraft?

CubCrafters is the largest OEM of modern backcountry capable “bush” aircraft in production today. Most of the aircraft we build are equipped with large, low-pressure “Tundra” tires for landing at primitive airstrips or in other terrain off-airport. While CubCrafters designs the whole aircraft to be optimized for this type of flying, we weren’t the first to want to take light aircraft away from airports.

In 1956 the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio, announced the launch of its “Terra-Tire” undercarriage unit, a predecessor to the modern Tundra Tire, intended to provide the lightplane pilot with the potential ability to safely land on almost any kind of terrain, be it farmland, sand dunes, marsh or snow. Reprinted with permission from Issue No 38 of The Aviation Historian®, January 15, 2022, author Nick Stroud takes a look back at this interesting Goodyear project from the past:

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