XCub Landing Gear Conversion – Timelapse Video

Changing the landing gear configuration on a CubCrafters XCub is designed to be amazingly simple. Aircraft owners can easily change their landing gear configuration to best suit the types of backcountry missions they want to fly. A mechanic with a helper and a few tools can change the airplane from its nosewheel configuration to the tailwheel setup in under 4 hours, and because the change is from one OEM approved gear type to another, all that’s required is a logbook entry. No STC’s or major modifications requiring field approvals are necessary.

Extended legacy-type Cub gear is also available for the XCub and also bolts right on for use with bungee’s, AOSS, or ACME, or other aftermarket suspension. Floats & skis are also options for four-season flying capability.

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