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Welcome to the Inside CC Blog!

I’m usually a bit uncomfortable when I meet people socially and, when the conversation gets around to what I do with my leisure time, I disclose that I’m a pilot and have been immersed in various types of aircraft and flying for over 30 years now. Non-aviators consider my aviation interest as a “hobby”, and that’s the source of my discomfort. It’s not their fault, they’re not aviators and therefore just don’t understand. But, if you’re reading this blog, you’re very likely a pilot or an aviation enthusiast yourself, and likely know that aviation is much more than a “hobby” to most of us. Rather, it is a lifestyle, a passion, and the word hobby seems inadequate.

The intent of this blog is to give the true aviation enthusiasts among readers a deeper look into our world here at CubCrafters, because we think you might find it just as interesting as we do. Our world includes designing, building, and flying our range of aircraft. I expect dealers and staff will blog about a wide range of subjects.

Non-aviation folks will likely have little interest in this blog, but we think you might, and so we’ll give it a try. If you like our posts please give us some feedback, and if you don’t, please give us that feedback too! Either way, welcome, and I hope you find this corner of our web site interesting!

Randy Lervold,


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