CubCrafters Debuts New Flagship: XCub


CubCrafters is introducing its new top-of-the-line aircraft, XCub. The new model received FAA Type Certification on June 2, 2016 and is available immediately.

XCub is lighter, faster and stronger than any aircraft in its category. XCub also provides a larger payload and greater range. Combined, these attributes fulfill a much wider mission profile compared to any other aircraft in this class.

“Six years ago I imagined a Part 23 certified Carbon Cub,” recalls Jim Richmond, CubCrafters’ CEO. “Our development team set out to design a Cub with terrific STOL capabilities, like our Carbon Cub LSA, but one that could travel faster and farther, while easily accommodating all of the gear that a pilot and passenger might want to carry for an extended journey. Now, after receiving Type Certification from FAA, I’m proud to say that XCub is much, much more than I had even hoped it would be.”

XCub boasts a cruising speed over 145 miles per hour at 75% power, and a useful load of up to 1,084 pounds. It is powered by a 180 horsepower Lycoming 0-360 that drives a Hartzell Trailblazer constant-speed composite propeller.

“Early on, when the first new airframe was produced, we discovered that our understanding of the Cub’s aerodynamics was incomplete,” says Richmond. “They fly nicely at 100 miles per hour, but at 140, everything changes!” The company embarked on an ambitious two-year aerodynamic analysis of the airframe and all flight surfaces. That analysis motivated a fresh perspective on what can be achieved at both the lowest and highest limits of the speed envelope. Airflow over the prototype cowl, fuselage and wings was smoothed considerably. The sleek aluminum spring landing gear adds as much as 14 mph at typical cruise settings. Composite fairings were added to the attach points of the landing gear and struts. All new flight controls and empennage were developed, and the finished aircraft features a distinctive and stylish composite dorsal fin. “As we flew at higher and higher speeds, we discovered that the dorsal provides welcome directional stability,” comments Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters’ Director of Engineering and Product Development. “Cross-country pilots will appreciate the stable response to turbulence as well.”

To refine handling, CubCrafters completely re-engineered the ailerons and the way pilots interact with them. Roll response was optimized by modifying the aileron airfoil and cove, and by re-positioning the hinge lines. This resulted in improved aileron response, lower lateral control loads, and natural centering. Traditional cables and pulleys were replaced with a solid push-rod system, eliminating cable stretch. The ailerons are crisp, quick, and light, complemented by equally pleasing pitch response and rudder authority. The resulting control harmony makes this the most balanced Cub ever.

CubCrafters’ well-known obsession with weight extends to their new airplane. Contemporary design technologies put weight only where it is needed. Extensive use of ultra-lightweight carbon composites, titanium and aluminum is evident throughout the new model.

The same modern engineering methods that make XCub light also make the aircraft strong. A CNCmachined chromoly steel frame encloses occupants. Meeting the latest FAA Part 23, Amendment 62, certification standard, XCub features robust construction and may be flown at up to 2,300 lbs gross weight.

Pilot ergonomics received particular focus in XCub. The aircraft is designed to give pilot and passenger the comfort and confidence needed for long cross-country flights. High seat positioning, low side windows, the vast skylight, and a low-profile instrument panel assure a commanding view- a rare attribute in a taildragger. The stick rests comfortably at hand, exactly where the pilot wants it. The handsome panel flows intuitively with engine controls on the left and lighting controls on the right.

XCub is not just functional, but comfortable as well. “Veteran Cub drivers will be pleasantly surprised at their first encounter with the XCub cabin”, says Richmond. The Ahtanum Interior Package offers supple Scottish leather seats for both pilot and passenger to assure comfort and circulation during long cross-country flights. These seats feature perforated leather inserts over memory foam cushions, contrast stitching and embroidered logos. 12 storage areas surround the cabin in ultra-modern carbon fiber side and header panels. Two bottle holders, four USB and two 12V power ports are easily accessed by pilot and passenger. A unique electronics console faces the rear seat and holds personal devices such as telephones or tablets, allowing the passenger to follow navigation with Garmin Pilot, or watch a movie. Thoughtfully located in the aft baggage bulkhead is a hidden locker for a headset.

XCub is not just a new airplane; it is a new platform upon which we can build different configurations to fulfill different missions,” says company President, Randy Lervold. An example of XCub’s configurability is presented in the landing gear options. “Owners may choose legacy gear to achieve the lightest possible weight, or spring gear that provides better aerodynamics and speed,” Lervold says.

XCub checks every box on a bush pilot’s wish list,” Lervold continues, “STOL performance, useful load, speed and range. However, the thing I find special about XCub is the way it flies. With all new flight control surfaces, smooth push-pull aileron control rods and a host of exclusive aerodynamic enhancements, XCub exhibits precise handling and extraordinary flight harmony. This bird is a joy to fly, whether the journey is short or long.”

Along with their new Flagship model, CubCrafters is also announcing factory-authorized flight training programs in partnership with Tac Aero in Hood River, Oregon. Tac Aero will offer programs ranging from primary through transition training for specific CubCrafters models, including XCub.

CubCrafters is offering the first 20 XCubs in a limited Launch Edition. The Launch Edition has special introductory pricing and includes the Launch Edition paint scheme and branding, as well as a premium Ahtanum leather interior package at no extra charge. XCub is available from CubCrafters Certified Sales Centers.

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About CubCrafters

CubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and CEO, Jim Richmond, is located at McAllister Field Airport (YKM) in Yakima, WA. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 70-year history of classic taildragger aviation, but its products and services are innovative and completely modern.

CubCrafters designs and manufactures Part 23 Certified, LSA and Experimental aircraft. The company’s newest introduction, XCub, substantially expands the mission profile of sport utility aircraft with its higher speed, longer range and larger payload. The Top Cub, with a useful load of over 1,000 lbs., is the most up-to-date iteration of the historic Super Cub available. The Carbon Cub has redefined expectations of “backcountry aircraft” with its light weight, powerful engine, and breathtaking performance. Three variants are offered: the original, Carbon Cub SS is a production LSA. Carbon Cub EX-2 is the most complete aircraft kit available, and Carbon Cub FX is a clever E-AB “builder assist” program.

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