carbon-cub fx
Builder Assist Redefined
6 working days. No technical expertise required. Upt 1,865 lbs gross weight. G-series ailerons & flaps. Factory warranty.

The Process

  • 1st Factory Session
    5 Days

    At the factory the builder will spend 5 days working with our technicians and equipment to construct the necessary parts and components for their airplane.

  • Factory Assembly
    50 Days

    The builder returns home while CubCrafters performs a quality inspection of the 1st session's parts. CubCrafters then uses those parts to construct a factory-perfect airplane.

  • 2nd Factory Session
    2 Days

    The Builder visits the factory a second time for final assembly. Afterward, the airplane receives an airworthiness inspection, certification and two or more factory test flights by CubCrafters test pilots.

Configure Your fx
  • fx standard features

    Standard Features

    • Up to 1,865 lbs gross weight
    • New G Series Ailerons and Slotted Flaps
    • Long-Range Fuel Tanks
    • Extended Baggage
    • 3x3 HD Landing Gear
    • Alaskan Bushwheel Tail Spring and Tailwheel
    • Light Weight LED Lighting & Strobe Package
  • carbon cub gross weight 1865

    Up to 1,865 lbs Gross Weight

    Carbon Cub FX is built on a wholly original fuselage design. The CNC milled 4130 chromoly steel frame features robust construction and may be flown at up to 1,865 lbs gross weight. The usefull load for FX is as high as 850 lbs. This sophisticated structure is built for both lightweight and safety.

  • carbon cub fx gseries

    G Series Ailerons and Slotted Flaps

    The G-Series control surfaces improve handling in all aspects of the flight envelope. The roll authority of the Carbon Cub FX has been improved by redesigning the aileron airfoil and relocating the hinge point. CubCrafters' G-Series ailerons deliver markedly lighter and crisper roll response compared to legacy aircraft. Control harmony is even better than the original.

    The G-Series flaps are the first truly slotted flaps available from CubCrafters. With the G-Series, the stall speed of the FX with flaps extended is reduced, thus improving the already remarkable low-speed manners of the Carbon Cub. The G-Series flap features repositioned pivot arms that, when deployed, lower the flap's location relative to the wing, forcing highpressure air from below the wing over the flaps, helping airflow to remain attached for increased lift.

    The G-Series tail feathers feature new adjustable elevator stops and allow greater downelevator trim, providing the pilot with greater trim authority when operating either at the forward or aft limits of the CG envelope. With these improvements, CubCrafters has made an already stellar performer even better.

  • lsa 180hp

    180 HP

    The lightweight and powerful Titan CC340 gives the Carbon Cub a power-to-weight ratio of 7.33 lbs/hp! For comparison a Cessna 172Rs has a power to weight ratio of 15.33 lbs/hp. Carbon Cub pilots experience a sea level climb rate of 2,100 feet per minute (compared to 650 fpm for a 172) and a deck angle that inspires involuntary expletives from first-timers. No other LSA takes off or lands in a shorter distance, with better low speed manners.

  • carbon cub fx long range

    Long-Range Fuel Tanks

    FX is built with the Carbon Cub Long-Range Fuel Tanks as standard equipment. The Long-Range Tanks hold 44 gallons of fuel vs. 25 gallons for the Standard Tanks, affording pilots a 600 mile range or higher.

  • cub dogleg

    Extended Baggage

    The Carbon Cub FX Extended Baggage area provides a full-width repository aft of the reverse dogleg, plus a convenient side-access baggage door. The Extended Baggage area is a full 48% larger at 22.8 cubic feet, compared to 15.3 cubic feet for Standard Baggage, so pilot and passenger can pack enough gear for extended wilderness excursions.

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  • carbon cub 3x3

    3x3 HD Landing Gear

    The gear is particularly rugged, built with machined steel axles, to safely support the higher payload that FX can carry. The 3x3 configuration is three inches taller than standard gear, giving even greater prop clearance, and the axle center is moved three inches forward, allowing for even more aggressive braking when a short landing roll is required.

  • carbon cub led lighting

    Light Weight Lighting and Strobe Package

    FX includes CubCrafters’ LED lighting package with both left and right landing lights. The system provides higher output while drawing lower current and increases reliability. The dual landing light may be set to wig-wag for increased visibility to other aircraft.

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Builder Assist

Our Carbon Cub FX (Factory eXperimental) turns the familiar "builder assist" convention upside down. Instead of assisting your assembly of parts from a kit, CubCrafters' technicians facilitate your fabrication of the parts themselves! Employing our CNC mills, routers and saws, we will guide you through the fabrication process in an astonishingly short time. Then, CubCrafters will use your parts to construct a factory-perfect Carbon Cub, complete with all the options that fit your mission.

No technical experience is necessary. Our factory personnel will guide you through each process to ensure success and an enjoyable build. The Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist allows amateur builders to create their dream under the supervision of our factory technicians, and guarantees delivery of a world-class aircraft.

Experimental-Amateur Built (E-AB) certification of Carbon Cub FX affords operational latitude to the builder/owner which is unavailable for other aircraft certifications, notably: increased payload potential, night and/or IFR operation, builder maintenance and the ability to modify the aircraft.


  • Aircraft

    • Certification
    • Type
      Single engine land & sea
    • Crew
  • Powerplant

    • Engine
      Titan CC340 180 horsepower
    • Propeller
      CATTO Composite Propeller
  • Dimensions

    • Length
      23 ft 3 in
    • Height
      8 ft 4 in
    • Wingspan
      34 ft 3 in
    • Wing Area
      179 sq ft
    • Cabin Width
      30" @ pilot position
    • Cabin Height
      52" @ pilot position
  • Weights

    • Empty Weight
      982 lbs depending on equipment
    • Gross Weight
      1,865 lbs or qualify for Light Sport @ 1,320 lbs
    • Useful Load
      883 lbs
  • Capacities

    • Fuel
      44 gallons (40 usable)
    • Oil
      5 qts
  • Performance

    • Cruise Speed
      96 mph
    • Stall Speed
      32 mph
    • Rate of Climb
      up to 2,100 fpm*
    • Endurance
      7 hrs* with extended fuel (normal, 80hp cruise)
    • Range
      750 miles* with extended fuel
    • Fuel Consumption
      5-6 gph*
    • Takeoff Distance
      60 ft*
    • Landing Distance
      245 ft* in competition*
  • Speeds

    • VNE
      141 mph never exceed speed - top of yellow on airspeed indicator
    • VsO
      32 mph stall speed with flaps down, slowest stall speed
    • Vs1
      40 mph stall speed with flaps up, clean
    • VFE
      81 mph maximum speed - flaps extended
    • Vo
      97 mph maximum operating maneuvering speed
    • Vx
      50 mph best angle of climb speed
    • Vy
      71 mph best rate of climb speed

*Performance numbers assume optimal conditions, actual numbers will vary. Fuel consumption and speed will vary with power settings

Panel Options

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Extreme Carbon Cub

The Carbon Cub FX is our most capable off-airport machine. Building on the success of the high-strength, lightweight airframe and powerful engine of the Light Sport Carbon Cub SS, the Carbon Cub FX flies faster, flies farther, and hauls more cargo than ever before. Redesigned ailerons, slotted flaps & empennage, along with a Premium Equipment Package specifically suited for off-airport operations, are included with every new Carbon Cub FX. With Its light weight, impressive power, generous payload and capable equipment the Carbon Cub FX fulfills the most challenging missions.


CubCrafters aircraft are sold through Certified Sales Centers. Our factory-selected Cub enthusiasts are ready to help make your buying experience smooth and worry-free.