Factory Training

We are proud to partner with TacAero to offer factory-approved training for our entire line of backcountry aircraft. A week long, flight-intensive transition program allows TacAero to bring a broad training curriculum based on the pilot's flight experience. TacAero instructors address varied operating environments, discuss platform capabilities and common operating mistakes. This course has been designed specifically to prepare pilots to safely, efficiently and successfully operate CubCrafters aircraft in a wide variety of environments. You will feel at home and confident in your CubCrafters aircraft.

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More Information

Basic Checkout 1 Day

If you're already an experienced tailwheel pilot and want to become familiar with your CubCrafters Aircraft when you take delivery, we can help! Our experienced instructors will ensure that you become comfortable with your new aircraft. If your insurance company requires specific training, we will ensure these training requirements are met. Even the most experienced tailwheel pilots will learn something from this experience.

Comprehensive Course 5 Days

Whether you’re contemplating purchasing a new XCub, are in the process of building your Carbon Cub EX, or already fly a Top Cub; this course will give you the knowledge and experience to safely enjoy these truly amazing aircraft. TacAero’s Comprehensive Course covers tailwheel theory, aircraft systems and procedures, and basic “stick and rudder” skills. Upon completion of our Comprehensive Course you will be comfortable and confident in your new CubCrafters aircraft!