SOLD – N92LG Carbon Cub SS


  • Location: 5B2 Saratoga County Airport, NY
  • Serial: CC11-00259
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: Carbon Cub SS CC11-160
  • Year: 2013
  • N Number: N92LG
  • TTAF: 410
  • TTE: 410
  • Engine: CC340 180HP
  • Prop: Catto 80x50
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 Gallons
  • Empty Weight: 973
  • Gross Weight: 1320 ELSA
  • Last Annual: 6/2021
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


“Switch to Guns” One of a kind Carbon Cub SS with just 410TT and one of the cleanest cubs on the market. “Don your helmet or just a cheap pair of sun glasses and feel like it is 1942 and your flying high cover for your friends in their decathlons, scouts and huskys deep in enemy territory going head to head with the German Luftwaffe.” After all you have the superior ship. This 2013 Carbon Cub SS is powered with the Titan built CC340 180HP engine and swings the Catto 80×50 composite propeller with custom painting and matching tips. These components and an empty weight of just 973lbs helps N92LG be quick off the ground and agile in the air. Land how you need even if it is short and in the rugged terrain with the addition of the extended 3×3 landing gear and the AOSS shocks. Airstreak 26″ tires and 1.5″ grove wheels and brakes, ABW 3200A tail wheel and wing mounted vortex generators help complete the protection package for the planned landings across enemy lines.
 To help get you where you need to go and avoid the flak and ground fire, your cub panel is equipped with one of the most advanced avionics suites on any aircraft in this class. The vertically mounted gdu 470 nav/com G3X has all you need or could want for navigation, engine monitoring, fuel management as well as a flight director. Combine this with your ADSB in and out and you can avoid those targets you see well in advance or just switch back to missiles. For added security and back up, your panel also has a garmin gtn 750 and garmin 2 axis auto pilot with auto level blue button. On top of all that,is a back up hsi garmin G5 and trig com radio. It is a complete package and even IFR capable should you have an unplanned encounter.
 For the long sortis you have ahead and added comfort, this cub has 24 gallons of fuel on board as well as, oregon aero leather front seat and oregon aero cloth rear sling seat, 12v charging port is also in the panel for the added convenience of charging your phone or other device. Your even protected a bit more with amsafe airbag seat belt system for the pilots seat. Most long trips can involve an evening return and 92LG is prepared with dual wing mounted LED landing lights with wig wag as well as wing and tail position lighting and strobes. Whether your supporting your allies and liberating western Europe, flying your gear deep in the back country for a much needed getaway or out for a relaxing evening flight with that special passenger at 300′, 70 mph and the doors open, N92LG has it all.
 Switch to guns and adventure further. Call or email Mark Keneston for details. Aircraft located at 5B2 Saratoga County Airport, NY



Oregon Aero Leather Front Seat
Oregon Aero Fabric Rear sling seat
Standard Baggage with extended shelf
24gal Fuel (12 each wing)
Front and Rear electric stick trim
2 sky light roof vents

Engine: CC340 titan built 180hp
Prop: Catto 80×50 with matching paint

Avionics custom built Gamin suite including:
Garmin GDU 470 vertical G3X
Garmin GTN 750 Nav/Com
Garmin autopilot 2 axis
Garmin G5
trig back up radio
Garmin GTX345 transponder
ADSB in/out

Air Force Gray Paint
Tail Art
Alaska 3200a tail wheel
Air Streak 26″ tires
1.5″ grove disc brakes
Extended 3×3 open gear
vortex generators
AOSS Suspension Shock (acme not included)

Price: $239,900


Mark Keneston-
CCI GL/Northeast