SOLD – N82LG – Carbon Cub SS


  • Location:
  • Serial: CC11-00414
  • Make: Cub Crafters
  • Model: CARBON CUB SS
  • Year: 2016
  • N Number: N82LG
  • TTAF: 130
  • TTE: 130
  • Engine: CC340 180HP
  • Prop: Catto 80x50
  • Fuel Capacity: 44 (40 usable)
  • Empty Weight: N/A
  • Gross Weight: 1320 ELSA
  • Last Annual: 9/19
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


“Every Box Checked” If it doesn’t have it, you don’t need it. Meticulously maintained inside and outside with documented maintenance and no damage history. This one is the needle in the hay stack that everyone wants. They usually get sold before they get listed yet here it is and your debating.

Exceptional exterior with white over silver and red and black trim. Open 3×3 landing gear with matching AOSS shocks for the rugged terrain you hope to visit on top of the 26″ bush tires and 1.5″ disc brakes and stainless steel brake lines for added security. The interior is also equipped for big backcountry adventures with extended baggage, comfortable oregon aero seats and an IFR capable panel that is second to none. On top of the Garmin G3x, the owner also had the Garmin GTN 650 installed, a G5 backup attitude indicator and the garmin 307 autopilot. This one also has a heated pitot tube in case you pick up ice. With 44 gallons of fuel in the wings you likely can reach the outpost and have reserves for the return. For those with a sensitive co pilot this gorgeous SS also has the BRS ballistic parachute option. While you may be capable of landing at 34 mph, the significant other may not be able to do that if you for some reason cannot. Its confidence and relaxation in a bottle.

So what will it be? draw up the next adventure, make the plan, make new memories and develop great skills or wait for the next perfect airplane to present itself ?


Garmin G3x

Garmin Gtx 345 with adsb

Garmin 635

Garmin G5

Garmin GTR20 remote com

Garmin GMA245R remote audio panel

Heated Pitot

Garmin auto pilot

BRS Parachute

3200a Tail wheel

6″ Airstreak Bush tires

3×3 Gear open

1.75″ brakes

Stainless steel brake lines

AOSS suspension

Vortex generators

Rear seat trim control

Long Range 44Gal. fuel

Extended Baggage w/ door

Oregon Aero seats

Price: $269,900