**SOLD** Own The Beast! An Amazing BCSC Rev 2!


  • Location: Yakima, WA
  • Serial: BC20815R004
  • Make: Backcountry Super Cubs LLC.
  • Model: Revision 2
  • Year: 2016
  • N Number: N920RQ
  • TTAF: ~200 Hours (NDH)
  • TTE: ~200 Hours (NDH)
  • Engine: Barrett Precision Engines Superior O-360 (rated 200 hp)
  • Prop: Whirlwind constant speed propeller (50 hours total time)
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 Gallons (two wing tanks)
  • Empty Weight: 1365 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 2400 lbs
  • Last Annual: Fresh Annual Inspection (included with sale)
  • Interior Rating: 9 / 10
  • Exterior Rating: 9 / 10


This is an experimental Super Cub of exceptional build quality with all of the Cub-type improvements that BCSC has recently introduced all wrapped up into one great package. You simply couldn’t modify a PA-18 with all of these features, which is why this aircraft is the called the “Revision 2.” It pays homage to all that can be accomplished with a highly modified Alaska-style Super Cub, but takes that performance a full step beyond anything anyone has ever been able to accomplish with a highly modified PA-18 legacy type aircraft. Also included are all of the current popular performance-enhancing experimental aftermarket mods like Keller double slotted flaps, TK-1 Monster Shocks, and T3 tailwheel suspension. No expense was spared in the construction of this first-of-it’s-kind aircraft.

The airplane has the BCSC castering full-span leading edge slats that change position with the angle of attack of the wing to achieve impressively low minimum speeds. These slats produce what the company calls an “unstallable” wing and give the aircraft a reported minimum-control airspeed of below 20 mph, less than half of the original Super Cub’s 43-mph stall speed.

Here’s a great chance to get an experimental Super Cub that has every conceivable modification or improvement all wrapped up into one amazing package. With less than 200 hours since being built, it’s been well cared for and is in excellent condition.

There is simply nothing more to do to this airplane. It has the big engine, the long C/S prop, the 35” tundra tires; you can go most anywhere and haul most anything in this bird; it’s the F-350 of two-place tandem STOL aircraft.



• Height: 8′ 0″
• Wingspan: 38′ 11″
• Wing Area: 223.5 square feet
• Cabin Width: 27.5″ @ pilot position
• Cabin Height: 53.5″ @ pilot position
• Cabin Volume: 93.5 cubic feet

PERFORMANCE (as reported on the BCSC website)

• Cruise Speed: 115 mph
• Stall Speed: 18 mph
• Rate of Climb: up to 2000 feet per minute
• Endurance: 5 hours (112 mph cruise)
• Range: 560 miles with one hour reserve
• Fuel Consumption: 8 gallons per hours
• Takeoff Distance: 47′
• Landing Distance: 28′

REFERENCE SPEEDS (as reported on the BCSC website)

• VNE – 139 mph never exceed speed
• VsO – 18 mph stall speed with flaps down
• VS – 26 mph stall speed with flaps up
• VFE 10 – 60 mph maximum speed 10 degree flaps
• Vo – 90 mph maximum operating maneuvering speed
• VX – 55 mph best angle of climb speed
VY – 72 mph best rate of climb speed


• Barrett Precision Engines Superior O-360 (rated 200 hp)
• Conical Engine Mount w/Tip Out Saddles
• P-Mag Electronic Ignition
• 80″ Whirlwind constant speed propeller (50 hours total time)
• Composite Engine Cowling (forward sloped for improved visibility)


• Welded 4130 Chromoly Steel Tube Fuselage
• Widebody (27.5″) Fuselage
• Observer Style Right Split Door (w/locking latch)
• Observer Style Left Swing-out Window (w/locking latch)
• L-21 Style Rear Windows
• Huge Baggage Area w/locking Oversize Door
• Carbon Fiber Floorboards
• Superflite 102 Medium Fabric


• Extended Wing w/Booster Tips
• Keller Flaps (85 degrees at full deployment)
• Full-span Leading-edge Slats
• Deep-chord Metal Ailerons
• Billet Aluminum Flap & Aileron Hinges
• Vortex Generators
• Two-point Navigation & Strobe lights
• Two 24 Gallon Fuel Tanks (48 gallons total)
• Underwing fuel venting


• Garmin G3X Touch Avionics Package
• 2 1/4″ Analog Altimeter
• 2 1/4″ Analog Airspeed Indicator (w/heated Pitot)
• 2 1/4″ Whiskey Compass
• Billet Aluminum Fuel Primer
• L/R/B/S Keyed Ignition Switch
• Dual USB Ports in Panel
• Electric trim
• 406 ELT w/remote switch
• Pilot adjustable Front Seat
• Toe Brakes Modification
• Advantage Aero Control Stick Modification
• Multifunction Stick Grip
• Vernier Mixture Control
• Removable Rear Seat & Crossbar
• Dual Throttle Controls
• Hooker 4-point Harnesses w/Inertial Reel (pilot & passenger)
• Overhead PA20 style elevator trim
• Billet Aluminum L/R/B fuel selector valve
• Extended fuel sight gauges
• Huge Extended Baggage Compartment
• 3rd Rear Seat Option
• No Cross-brace at Baggage Area
• Oversize Locking Baggage Access Doors
• EarthX Battery


• 35″ ABW Tundra Tires w/ 10″ ABW wheels
• Cleveland Double Puck 1.75″ Brakes
• Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
• Reinforced 3″ Extended Landing Gear
• LED Landing Lights on Gear w/Wig-wag Function
• Landing Gear Safety Cables
• Bolt-on Long Step (right side)
• TK1 Monster Shocks
• Matco Extra-wide Tailwheel
• T3 Tailwheel Suspension

Price: $189,900.00


Brad Damm, Factory Direct Sales (509) 961-2313 – brad.damm@cubcrafters.com