IFR Equipped Carbon Cub SS – SOLD


  • Location: CubCrafters Factory, Yakima, WA
  • Serial: CC11-00259
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: E-LSA Carbon Cub SS
  • Year: 2013
  • N Number: Currently N519MG (will change with sale)
  • TTAF: 214 (hobbs)
  • TTE: 187 (tach)
  • Engine: Titan CC340 (180 HP)
  • Prop: Catto 80" x 50" Composite Propeller
  • Fuel Capacity: 25 US gallons (wings), 36 US gallons (external belly tank), 60 US gallons total usable
  • Empty Weight: 988 lbs (with fuel pod) / 976 lbs (no fuel pod)
  • Gross Weight: N/A
  • Last Annual: 04/2017
  • Interior Rating: Excellent (9/10)
  • Exterior Rating: Excellent (9/10)


If you’re a pilot who likes an advanced, IFR capable avionics suite; this is the aircraft for you. This Carbon Cub has the most capable avionics suite ever installed in a factory-built Carbon Cub. It can fly a GPS or ILS approach with no problems, even coupled on autopilot if desired.

The system has a powerful, rich and detailed moving map display. If you’ve ever wondered at any given moment how far away upcoming airspace, inclement weather, traffic or anything on the moving map was, the G3X makes it a cinch! Simply press the knob on the GDU 375 and scroll anywhere on the map, and — using your current position — the GDU 375 displays the distance, bearing and time to that location on the map as well as the elevation and GPS coordinates of that location. Other powerful features include an “Always On” bearing pointer to the nearest airport, extended runway centerlines, easy creation of user waypoints, altitude alerting tones when leaving the indicated bugged altitude, display of pilot-defined checklists and flight and engine data logging of up to 1,000 hours on a single 2 GB SD card.

The GDU 375 also includes EIS displays of engine, fuel and systems data that can be accessed and monitored by the pilot in-flight in real time. Also incorporating Garmin’s SVX™ synthetic vision technology, you’ll always know what lies ahead — even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions. Using sophisticated graphics modeling, SVX provides a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective for enhanced situational awareness.

The installed GTN 750 combines a certified GPS, navigation, and VHF com radio in one touch screen unit. The G3X system in this airplane is fully integrated with the GTN 750, allowing display of the flight plan, as well as more detailed leg instructions such as holds and procedure turns on the GDU 375 for a very high level of situational awareness on any approach. The G3X system will also command the GMC 305 autopilot, providing 2-axis steering commands to the pitch and roll servos, and all of this information is displayed and easily controlled using the soft keys and knobs on the PFD.

Whether you’re in the backcountry flying VFR, or if you need an IFR capability on occasion to push through a marine layer, or for almost any other mission, the avionics suite on this aircraft provides a capability that is simply unmatched by any other Carbon Cub ever built!


Custom IFR Instrument Panel w/Autopilot

Garmin G3X System
Garmin GSU 73 AHARS
Garmin GMU 44 magnotometer
Garmin GDU 375 EFIS (including engine monitoring)
– Digital ASI
– Digital VSI
– Digital Altimiter
– Digital DG
– Tachometer
– Manifold pressure
– Oil Pressure/Temp
– 4 channel CHT’s
– 4 channel EGT’s
– Carburetor temp
– Outside air temp
– Volts/amps
– Fuel computer / digital gauges (both wings & pod)
– XM Radio and Weather (with subscription)
Garmin GTX 23ES transponder
Garmin GDL 69A XM receiver
Garmin GTN 750 Nav/Com/GPS
Garmin GMA 35 remote audio panel
Garmin GMC 305 Autopilot
Trig TX91 (2nd com radio)
Analog airspeed indicator
Fuel Primer


TITAN® 340CC Engine, 180HP
Spin-On Oil Filter & Vernatherm
Perforated Fuel Nozzle
Adjustable Cowl Flaps
CATTO 80″(D) X 50″(P) Composite Propeller (dynamic prop balance)
Lightweight 40 amp alternator
Dual Electronic Ignition
Ignition backup battery system
Iridium spark plugs
Lightweight Hartzell Starter
Carburetor heat


Two 12.5 gallon wing tanks (25-gallon capacity)
Single removable belly pod (36-gallon capacity)
Fuel selector valve (Left, Right, Off, & Both)
Electric transfer fuel pump
Fuel sight gauge in wing roots
Fuel filter and drain


Modified USA35(B) airfoil, wings tested to 1,865 lbs (40% higher than LSA requirements)
Three position flaps (15, 30, 50 degrees) with overhead flap handle
Vortex generators
Gap Seals
Galvanized control cables
Heated pitot tube


Custom USAF military paint scheme
Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage tested to 1,865 lbs (40% higher than LSA requirements)
Carbon fiber components
Front fuel step on landing gear
Rear step to enter copilot seat
Float fittings


Lightweight starter
40 amp alternator
Upgraded Odyssey main battery
Lightweight LED strobe, nav and landing lights


Dual flight controls
Elevator trim w/custom military style hat switch on pilot’s control stick
Dual toe brakes
Pilot push-to-talk in control stick
Co-pilot push-to-talk in wing root
Pilot & co-pilot standard headset jacks in wing root
Powered ANR headset jacks in wing root (LEMO)
Adjustable front seat
Stow-away rear seat
Lap belt and inertia reel shoulder harnesses w/Amsafe Airbag (front seat)
Windshield mounted whiskey compass
“Ballistic nylon” cloth seat cushions and covers
Full floorboards
Ignition Status Lights (left / right)
Carburetor Heat Control
Mixture control
Cabin heat control
Improved Cabin Heat System
Circuit breakers
Master switch
Avionics master switch
12V auxiliary outlet
Flat Black Glare Shield
Dual swing-out windows
Tinted windows and skylight
Cabin fresh air vents
Rear cabin cargo tie-down points
Aft upper baggage area
Halon Fire Extinguisher


Upgraded 3X3 Landing Gear
Grove wheels, double puck brake calipers, & rotors
26″ Airstreak tundra tires
Alpha Omega (AOSS) Suspension
Parking brake
Tailwheel spring
3200-type Steerable Tail Wheel
Non-skid pilot step


Audible stall, altitude and terrain warnings
Heated pitot tube
Amsafe Airbag (front seat)
No header tanks
Kannad 406 Integra ELT (Built-In GPS)
Visual fuel gauges
Dual-action safety fuel selector valve
Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage
Ignition backup battery system
Independent SMARTmonitor© system

Please note: the current registration number for this aircraft will be changed to a new one (of buyers choice) at no additional charge.

Price: $218,500 (includes $50K IFR panel upgrade)


Brad Damm – Factory Direct Sales Northwest |  509.961.2313  |  brad.damm@cubcrafters.com

Mark Keneston – Factory Direct Sales Northeast  |  518.410.9404  |  mark.keneston@cubcrafters.com