N800XC XCub


  • Location: near Vancouver, BC, CA
  • Serial: CC19-0012
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: CC19-180
  • Year: 2017
  • N Number: N800XC
  • TTAF: 300
  • TTE: 300
  • Engine: 300
  • Prop: Hartzell Trailblazer 80" CS
  • Fuel Capacity: 49 gal
  • Empty Weight: 1280
  • Gross Weight: 2300
  • Last Annual:
  • Interior Rating: 9.8
  • Exterior Rating: 9.8


First in the Fleet….

With the first 20 aircraft sold nearly a year in advance of production, the 6 year visionary project of the XCub was a success not yet realized.  A year later, the first XCub on Wipline 2100A floats was N800XC and ready for delivery.  This airplane can now be yours.  Where would you go, what would you do?  This XCub CC19-0012 can help get you there.

XCub checks every box on an adventure Pilot’s wish list: remarkable STOL performance, generous useful load, class defining speed and cross-country range. Yet XCub surrounds both pilot and passenger with comfort and convenience. The pilot experience at the controls is intuitive and satisfying. Cockpit ergonomics are thoughtfully executed. Control inputs are rewarded with a precisely smooth, tactile feel and superb control harmony.  To take full advantage of aerodynamic improvements, XCub is outfitted with a constant-speed composite prop that is both extraordinarily lightweight and efficient. Aerodynamic changes coupled with the new propeller add up to significant performance increases. With a top speed of 153 miles per hour and a cruise of 145 miles per hour XCub truly redefines the performance envelope for this family of aircraft.  Cruising at 135 mph with a fuel capacity of 49 gallons range is extended to 800 miles. Pilots who want to go even further can throttle back to an economy cruise of 120 mph and stretch operational range to over 1,000 miles. This makes XCub an extraordinarily versatile aircraft.  The G-Series ailerons improve handling in all aspects of the flight envelope. The roll authority of the XCub has been improved by redesigning the aileron airfoil and relocating the hinge point. Innovative push-rod aileron controls directly affect roll, replacing cables and pulleys. Cable stretch is eliminated, and pilots experience a smooth, tactile feel.  CubCrafters’ G-Series ailerons deliver markedly lighter and crisper roll response compared to legacy aircraft. Roll rate is increased and control harmony is even better. The new G Series controls paired with push rod ailerons is truly something that has to be experienced. Following a river, carving turns at tree top level will never be the same again.

Veteran Cub drivers will be pleasantly surprised with XCub’s updated cabin. The Ahtanum Interior Package offers Scottish leather seats with perforated inserts and contrast stitching. 12 storage areas surround the cabin in ultra-modern carbon fiber side and header panels. Two bottle holders, four USB charging ports and two 12V power outlets are easily accessible. A unique rear seat electronics console holds both phones or tablets. Thoughtfully hidden in the aft baggage area is a locker for headsets.

XCub is a flexible platform which adventure pilots may configure to fulfill different missions. The legacy bungee gear harks to the classic Super Cub. Our new, aerodynamic aluminum spring gear adds up to 14 mph at 75% power cruise, and yields superior damping and control on unimproved landing areas.  XCub’s 2,300-pound gross weight capability makes this a perfect float platform.  With ADSB, 29” Bush tires and electronic ignition, you could say that 800XC has all you need and then some.

First XCub ever to be on Wip 2100A floats and 1 of the first 20 Launch Edition planes and in all our major publications and advertising for 2017. This Aircraft had every box checked at order time. It is a 2 owner plane with no damage history and impeccable maintenance. 800XC includes the Spring landing gear with 29″ bushwheels and large brakes, electroaire electronic ignition, ADSB out and includes the garmin world VFR panel. If you are seeking addventure with an airplane that can do it all and is the first in its category, look no further. Located near Vancouver, BC, CN



Polyfiber Cover
Signature Plus Paint Scheme “Launch Edition”
Vortex Generators
Trim Tabs
G Series Flaps & Ailerons
Grove Spring Gear
Cleveland HD Brakes
ABW 29″ Bushwheels
Wip 2100A amphib floats matching scheme
Lycoming O-360 C4P Engine 180hp 300TT
Hartzel Trailblazer 80″ Constant Speed Prop

Scottish Leather Seating
Side door hinged storage panels
Polished carbon interior panels
Extended Baggage
Headset locker
Stowable rear sling seat
Sky light with vents
2 hinged side door windows
Garmin world VFR panel G796
Tri Radio, Trig Transponder
Wip float Controller

Price: $379,000


Mark Keneston 518-410-9404
CubCrafters Northeast & Great Lakes