****SOLD**** N74PG – Carbon Cub EX2


  • Location: MI
  • Serial: CCK-1865-1046
  • Make: CCK-1865
  • Model: Cabon Cub EX2
  • Year: 2017
  • N Number: N74PG
  • TTAF: 130
  • TTE: 125
  • Engine: CC340 180HP
  • Prop: Catto 80x50
  • Fuel Capacity: 44 (40usable)
  • Empty Weight: N/A
  • Gross Weight: 1865
  • Last Annual: December 17'
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


Asking $329,500.00 on floats and $269,500.00 on 8:50 wheel gear and HD 3×3 gear and AOSS shocks

“Oshkosh Outstanding Workmanship Award”

You have been hours and days and maybe even weeks staring at all these beautiful used airplanes CubCrafters builds.  You looked at one but it was missing the panel you like and another you eyed was missing the long range tanks but you loved the color and paint scheme.  That last one was close and just as you were going to pull the trigger, it got SOLD. Sound familiar? You have a lot of time invested now in your search and you know what you want, you just have to find it.  Walah!!!!!!!!! A 2017 Carbon Cub EX2 Amphib CCK-1865-1046 with all you have dreamed of. N74PG is the one. You can choose floats or wheel gear if you would rather have a land based plane. We can keep the floats.

CubCrafters Great Lakes/Northeast is proud to offer N74PG for sale.  This carbon cub EX2 amphibian currently rigged on Aerocet amphib 1500 floats (floats are optional)is a 2017 completed and certified last December 2017.  Currently the airplane is located in Cedar Springs, MI and earlier this season N74PG was awarded the “Outstanding Workmanship Award” at Air Venture 2018.  This award recognizes overall craftsmanship, attention to detail and precision. If you are looking for quality, look no further.

This EX2 has the features you need and want to do and go.  Go wherever you like and take all the gear with you. With its G-Series flaps and ailerons, the EX2 has crisp handling and roll response while also being able to give you better control feel at slower approach speeds.  In addition this EX2 has the long range tank option (44 gal & 40 usable) as well as extended baggage with carbon fiber side access door. You can plan for a long cross country, take the gear you need and get deep in the back country with its 5 hour range.  But if you are going to travel at length, you sure want to do it in comfort if not for you the pilot, then maybe for your passenger right? N74PG is also equipped with the Oregon Aero comfort cloth seating. With a highly durable and breathable material and added memory foam for additional comfort, those longer trips don’t feel so long and take no time.   Front and rear headset jacks as well as rear PTT add to the conveniences found in this beauty.

The panel in this carbon cub is the top of the line Garmin G3X executive glass touch.  Flight planning, engine and fuel management, navigation as well as entertainment become a breeze with its simplicity and user friendly features.  Wait! What ? Entertainment? Yes, along with the G3X and the garmin gtx345r transponder with blue tooth, you can enjoy uninterrupted sirrius XM satellite radio as well as take that important phone call should the need arise.  Toss in satellite weather with nexrad radar, ADSB and tkas and this cub really does do it all. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to mention, you have garmin auto pilot too. Now your life just got even easier and so did this decision.

Imagine leaving that hectic work week behind, arriving to see that custom painted amphib on the ramp fueld and ready to go.  You load up your amphib and head to that far away lake. Bring the fishing poles and camping gear and get ready for a great adventure.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call text or email Mark Keneston 518-410-9404 or email mark.keneston@cubcrafters.com




Custom Paint Scheme

Aerocert 1500 amphib floats @ $329,500.00

HD 3×3 Gear with 8:50 tires @ $ 269,500.00

Vortex generators

Extended baggage with side door

Long Rang fuel tanks 44 gallons

Garmin G3X executive glass panel

Garmin GTX 345R Transponder & Blutooth

Garmin Auto Pilot

Oregon Aero upgrade cloth seating

Sky light vents

Rear PTT switch quick release rear stick

Adjustable cowl flaps

Price: $329,500.00


Mark Keneston
CubCrafters NE/GL RSM