**SOLD**-N65LG Carbon Cub FX


  • Location:
  • Serial: CCX-2000-0068
  • Make: CCX-2000
  • Model: Carbon Cub FX
  • Year: 2019
  • N Number: N65LG
  • TTAF: 41
  • TTE: 41
  • Engine: CC363I
  • Prop: Hartzel 83" Trailblazer prop
  • Fuel Capacity: 46
  • Empty Weight: N/A
  • Gross Weight: 2000
  • Last Annual: N/A
  • Interior Rating: 10 Its new
  • Exterior Rating: 10 Its new


Are you on the fence about buying a new or gently pre owned airplane now or placing an order? Either
way the CubCrafters Carbon Cub FX3 is the right choice. I can’t imagine missing a flying season and if
you are like me, your looking for options. N65LG is ready NOW and has all the options any owner could
want or even need.
With the extended range fuel tanks (44 gal) and extended landing gear, a 2000# GW, 29" Alaska bush
tires and 83" CS prop, this one might be the most capable FX3 on the market now and it is available right
now. There is no order lead time or waiting and this one is new. Buy it now and fly it now. N65LG also
includes the factory float kit option, AOSS suspension, 1.75" heavy duty brakes, stainless braided brake
lines, top of the line signature plus paint, leather oregon aero seating, reiff engine pre heater and a
rosen sun visor. And if capability is your thing, the panel includes a garmin G3X main screen, GTN 650
Nav/Com GPS and the ever popular Garmin G5 back up attitude indicator. Now getting up and out on a
foggy morning is no issue at all. We then added a heated pitot tube, remote com and remote audio
panel and of course with all of this, it is ADSB compliant in/out. You just can't get any more complete.
Join us this Summer and fly the most capable backcountry airplane on the market today and have more
fun than you ever thought possible. Complete with remaining factory warranty and equipped to be the
best and available right now.


Garmin G3x

Garmin Gtx 345 with adsb

Garmin GTN 635 GPS/com

Garmin G5

Garmin GTR20 remote com

Garmin GMA245R remote audio panel

Heated Pitot

Garmin auto pilot

3200a Tail wheel

29″ Bush tires

3×3 Gear open

1.75″ disc brakes

Stainless steel brake lines

AOSS suspension

Vortex generators

Rear seat trim control

Long Range 44Gal. fuel

Extended Baggage w/ door

Oregon Aero seats

83″ Hartzel trailblazer prop

Price: $369,900