N555WY – Turbine Cubs of Wyoming Experimental PA-18 – SOLD


  • Location: Yakima, WA
  • Serial: TC0706016
  • Make: Turbine Cubs of Wyoming
  • Model: Exp. PA-18
  • Year: 2009
  • N Number: N555WY
  • TTAF: 96.7
  • TTE: 96.7
  • Engine: Aerosport Power O-375-C1A (195 HP)
  • Prop: McCauley Metal Prop
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 gal
  • Empty Weight: 1338.5 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 2300 lbs
  • Last Annual: 10-18-16 (CubCrafters)
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9.5


This experimental Super Cub is a PA-18 look-alike with all of the improvements that have come to be collectively known as “the Alaska mods.” These include 3-inch longer gear legs, added bracing to the extra wide fuselage, increased gross weight, and a larger baggage area. The wingtips are also squared off, which allows the installation of longer flaps and ailerons than would be possible with the standard round wingtips of the original Super Cub.

Originally built by Turbine Cubs of Wyoming (now Backcountry Super Cubs) for booth display at the 2009 Sun-n-Fun and Oshkosh shows, this is the airplane that started the popular Mackey SQ2 series. The airplane has their castering full-span leading edge slats that change position with the angle of attack of the wing to achieve impressively low minimum speeds. These slats produce what the company calls an “unstallable” wing and give the aircraft a reported minimum-control airspeed of 20 mph, about half of the original Super Cub’s 43-mph stall speed.

Here’s a great chance to get an experimental Super Cub that has every conceivable PA-18 improvement all wrapped up into one great package. With less than 100 hours since being built, it looks and feels almost like new. There is simply nothing more to do to this airplane. It has the big engine, the long prop, the 35” tundra tires; everything you could imagine for a PA-18 has already been done. Your backcountry adventure could start tomorrow!


Airframe Mods:
• Placarded 2300 Lb. gross weight
• 28” widebody fuselage
• Left & right seaplane doors
• Left & right shooters windows
• L-21 style observer glass
• Welded float fittings
• Seaplane grommets
• Stainless steel control cables
• Javron aluminum flight control pulleys
• Left & right ground handling handles
• Two low point fuel sumps
• Aft metal belly armor

Wing Mods:
• Full Span leading-edge slats
• Extended oversize metal flaps
• Deep-chord metal ailerons
• Billet aluminum flap & aileron hinges
• Vortex generators
• Composite square wingtips
• Two point navigation & strobe lights
• Two 24 gallon fuel tanks (48 gallons total)
• Underwing fuel venting

Landing Gear Mods:
• 35″ ABW tundra tires w/ 10″ ABW wheels
• Grove double puck 1.75″ brakes
• Stainless steel braided brake lines
• 3″ extended landing gear
• F Atlee Dodge long step (both sides)
• Die spring suspension
• 3200B baby bush tailwheel
• HD tailwheel spring

Firewall Forward:
• Aerosport Power 0-375-C1A (195 HP)
• 90″(D) X 38”(P) McCauley metal prop
• Left & right E-Mag ignition
• Mechanical fuel pump
• 60 amp Plane Power alternator
• Skytech starter
• M/S 10-4164-1 carburetor
• Dual exhaust system cabin heat
• ACS gasculator
• Positech oil cooler
• Oil filter adaptor
• All engine hoses fire sleeved
• Stainless steel firewall
• Composite nose-bowl
• Composite lower cowling

Cabin Mods:
• Upper & lower extended baggage compartments
• Reversed dogleg brace at baggage area
• 3 locking baggage access doors
• Diamond plate heel pads
• Removable rear seat crossbar
• Rear seat storage
• Pilot adjustable front seat
• Hooker 4 point harnesses w/pilot inertial reel
• Toe Brakes
• Overhead PA20 style elevator trim
• L/R/B fuel selector valve
• Billet aluminum fuel sight gauges
• Under rear seat Odyssey PC 680 battery

Panel and Avionics:
• Garmin 496 w/Air Gizmo mount
• Garmin SL40 com radio
• Garmin GTX 327 transponder
• PS Engineering PM 501 intercom
• EI R-1 digital tachometer
• EI M-1 MAP gauge
• EI OPT-1 oil pressure/temp gauge
• EI SC-5 super clock
• EI UBG-16 engine analyzer
• 3 1/8″ 20,000′ altimeter
• 3 1/8″ vertical speed indicator
• 3 1/8″ airspeed indicator (MPH)
• Electroluminescent instrument bezels
• Engine data recorder
• ACS billet aluminum fuel primer
• Vernier mixture control
• Dash mount parking brake
• Amer-King AK-450 ELT w/remote switch



Price: $156,900


Brad Damm, Factory Direct Sales (509) 961-2313 – brad.damm@cubcrafters.com