N500XC – Famous CC Factory XCub!


  • Location:
  • Serial: CC19-0003
  • Make: Cub Crafters
  • Model: CC19 XCub
  • Year: 2016
  • N Number: N500XC
  • TTAF: 358
  • TTE: 358
  • Engine: Lycoming O-360-C4P
  • Prop: Hartzell
  • Fuel Capacity: 50
  • Empty Weight: 1216
  • Gross Weight: 2300
  • Last Annual: 08/2017
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 9.8


There is something extremely special about owning the best in class. The Pinnacle of Perfection! The one that created a revolution in a constantly changing, hi-tech industry.  It is the one from a company that is the innovator who sets the bar that others aspire to.    It speaks to your level of understanding, your desire and your ability to appreciate the vision that goes into creating greatness.

You now have the opportunity to own that something special.  The XCub!  N500XC. It is the actual aircraft that changed it all in the 2 seat tandem, SUV, light airplane market.  It has more strength, power, luxury, and beauty. With a useful load of 1,084 pounds, 49 gallons of fuel and a top speed of 150 mph, the XCub allows you a wide spectrum of missions. Imagine yourself owning the aircraft that over a 6 year period was completely engineered, built, tested, certified and put into production without anyone ever knowing it and you own it.  This is the Crème de le Crème!  It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The newly engineered G series flaps and ailerons, spring aluminum landing gear, sleek cowling, carbon fiber dorsal fin, Hartzell composite constant speed prop and the Lycoming 180hp o-360 make you feel like you are driving a slot car.  Over 130 carbon composite parts strategically placed for its unique strength and durability, innovative push-rod aileron controls that directly affect roll rate.  Cable stretch is effectively eliminated and offers the pilot a positive, tactile feel.  These differences when combined in this package, elevates the nostalgic Cub to a level that has not been seen before.

Luxury and convenience were also thoughtfully added.  The Scottish leather seating offers perforated inserts and contrast stitching for added comfort and breathability.  Twelve unique storage areas, two bottle holders, four USB charging ports and two 12v power outlets also add to X cub’s user-friendly interior and confidence for long cross-country flights.

500XC set new standards and this is reflected in almost every major aviation magazine in the world.  It has notoriety and has gained respect in its travels around the country and in the press around the globe.  Now is your chance to own a piece of aviation history.  Imagine a unique adventure where capability, comfort and time are never in question.  You can do it all in your new XCub.


  • Signature Paint
  • Launch Edition Pkg
  • Launch Edition Paint Scheme
  • EI CGR30P Engine Monitor
  • Garmin 796
  • Good Year 26″ Bush Tires
  • Hartzell Constant Speed Prop
  • Lycoming 180HP O-360
  • Garmin GDL 84 transponder with ADSB
  • Ahtanum Leather Interior PKG: Premium Leather Seats
  • Electroaire Electronic Ignition
  • Specialized Tail #N500XC
  • Aluminum Spring Gear

Price: $274,000.00


  • CCI GL/Northeast
  • Mark Keneston
  • 518-410-9404
  • mark.keneston@cubcrafters.com