N428HJ 2016 Carbon Cub EX- PRICE REDUCED!!!!!


  • Location: Saratoga, NY
  • Serial: CCK-1865-0101
  • Model: CCK-1865
  • Year: 2016
  • N Number: N428HJ
  • TTAF: 46
  • TTE: 46
  • Engine: CC340
  • Prop: Catto Composite Propeller
  • Fuel Capacity: 44 gallons
  • Empty Weight:
  • Gross Weight: 1320/1865
  • Last Annual: 03/17
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9


Brought to you by Cub Crafters Great Lakes/Northeast based in Saratoga, NY (at the Saratoga County Airport (5B2) this 2016 Carbon Cub EX was assembled by Jardine Aviation, LLC. This just completed aircraft is a 10 out of 10, has just 41 hours TTSN, and has had the full EAB 40 hours for test flight completed.  Extensive workmanship and detail put into every step of the process helps this Carbon Cub  out shine any other Cub you will find on the market, and for thousands less.

This EX is currently certified at the conservative 1320# GW to accommodate flying without a medical under LSA rules. The empty weight at 921# leaves plenty of useable weight for the LSA folks to venture with.  Need more capability? This aircraft can easily be recertified up to 1865# GW and have 900# useful load.  The aircraft was built with the flexibility in mind for both.  Ordered and assembled much like a factory assembled aircraft, this EX has the popular Long Range 44 Gal tanks.  Also the 3X3 landing gear with AOSS suspension as well as 29” Airstreak Tires and 1.5” disc brakes to get in and out of those rough spots you hope to encounter.  Attention and thought was also given to the practical use for backcountry flying with features like extended baggage installation.

Up front the powerful CC 340 180HP engine is installed just like factory built Carbon Cubs and also includes the Catto composite propeller.  The engine has an impressive power to weight ratio of just 7.33lbs per HP and can help you take off short with a belly tickling climb rate of 2100’ FPM.

And since you are traveling and exploring in the Cub, you will be happy to know the World VFR Panel sits front and center with the ever popular Garmin 796 GPS with the Trigg suite of TY91 VHF Radio and TT 21 Modes S Transponder.  A PM 3000R Intercom and a CGR-30P Engine Monitor make sure you keep track of the engine vital signs.  And what trip to a family camp would be complete without a little smoke?  This EX-2 has a Smoking Airplanes smoke system installed just for that special arrival.  You can go many places and do many things with this Carbon Cub that simply aren’t possible in a legacy Super Cub. Start this summer adventure season off right. Start it with this gorgeous Carbon Cub EX!


29″ Airstreak Tundra Tires

3×3 Heady Duty Landing Gear

Heavy Duty Cabane Vee

Covered Gear

World VFR Panel with Garmin 796

CGR Engine Monitor

3200 Tail Wheel

Long Range Tanks (44 Gallons)

Extended Baggage Compartment w/ installed Carpet kit

Smoke System

Oregon Aero Cloth Seats

Checkered Tail

Price: $219,900.00


Cub Crafters, Inc. Great Lakes/Northeast office

Mark Keneston

(518) 410-9404