**SOLD** N194RA Carbon Cub SS


  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Serial: CC11-00161
  • Make: Cub Crafters
  • Model: Carbon Cub SS
  • Year: 2011
  • N Number: N194RA
  • TTAF: 202
  • TTE: 202
  • Engine: CC340
  • Prop: CATTO 78X55
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 GAL
  • Empty Weight: 925
  • Gross Weight: 1320
  • Last Annual: Feb 2020
  • Interior Rating: 8
  • Exterior Rating: 8


It’s hard to find a super light Carbon Cub, and here is your chance! This 2011 200 hour
Carbon Cub SS is pure fun and excitement. Set up to be the ultimate backcountry
STOL aircraft, for those super tight and short runways, this beauty has lived its whole
life in Arizona, and is ready for you to take her out for a purely exhilarating ride!
With just the right amount of options to fulfill the mission, without any fluff or extra
weight, this is the lightest stock Carbon Cub SS that has hit the market in a long time,
and at a price that is VERY affordable. Don’t let this chance slip you by! This price
level is usually associated with damage history. This plane has no damage history, and
has the classic Carbon Cub color scheme. Minor hangar rash on each wing tip is the
only thing that would need to be touched up.
Impeccably and regularly maintained, with all Service Bulletins complied with.
Located at Pegasus Airpark (5AZ3) near Phoenix, AZ, she is ready for you to inspect
and fly home to start your flying adventures!


  • 4130 Steel reinforced fuselage
    Super Cub airfoil – USA35(B)
    Main Wing Vortex Generators for sub 26 mph stall speed
    24 gal fuel tanks with individual or both fuel selector
    Fuel sight gauges
    Lightweight LED nav and strobe lights, with pulse Landing Light
    Light weight Stits Polyfiber fabric
    Gorgeous classic Carbon Cub Signature paint scheme

Titan CC340 180hp carbureted engine
Engine primer knob
78” x 55” Catto fixed pitch Prop
Adjustable cowl flaps
Lightweight 40amp alternator
Dual Electronic Ignition
Emergency Ignition backup battery system
Iridium spark plugs
Carburetor pull-heat
Vernatherm oil cooling system

    World VFR Panel
    Garmin Aera 560 GPS
    Garmin SL 40 COM
    GTX 327 GPS
    Fully ADSB OUT compliant with SkyBeacon by uAvionix
    Oil Temp and Pressure gauge
    Altimeter, VSI, RPM and Airspeed 3 ¼” gauges
    Ignition indicator lights
    12-volt auxiliary outlet
    Whiskey Compass
  • LEMO style Bose ANR headset plugs front/rear


29” Airstreak Alaska Bushwheels with extra (1/4”) rubber tread
3200 Scott-type steerable tailwheel

Oregon Aero front and rear seat
Foldable, storable rear seat
Electric Horizontal Stabilizer trim
Ram Mount for Phone or iPad
Bottle Holder
Inertial Reel 4-Point seat belt system for Pilot and Co-pilot
401 ELT with GPS
Overhead Headset hook
Clear skylight with dual air vents

Price: $169,000


  • Rick Bosshardt
  • SunCountry Cubs
  • (480) 300-4402
  • rick@flysuncountry.com