• Location:
  • Serial: 18-1667
  • Make: Piper
  • Model: PA-18
  • Year: 1952/2014
  • N Number: N1798A
  • TTAF: 100
  • TTE: 100
  • Engine: O-360 180HP
  • Prop: MT Constant Speed
  • Fuel Capacity: 44
  • Empty Weight: 1,253
  • Gross Weight: 2,300
  • Last Annual: 3/18
  • Interior Rating: 10
  • Exterior Rating: 10


Pristine 2,300lb Super Cub Rebuild to Top Cub Specs with all new CubCrafters components. 180HP with Constant Speed Prop and ALL the right STC’s!!!


This aircraft was rebuilt from the ground up using all new Top Cub components from CubCrafters including fuselage, wings, engine, and prop. 100 hours since new on everything! Logs available on request.


1798A STC

  1. SA01633SE    Cub Crafters 2300lbs. Gross Weight Increase
  2. SA92NW        Cub Crafters O-360 Engine Install
  3. SA4095NM    Univair Replacement Fuselage
  4. SA01350SE    Cub Crafters Replacement Wings
  5. SA01986SE    Cub Crafters Extended Range Fuel Tanks
  6. SA00275SE    Cub Crafters Vortex Generators
  7. SA02087CH   Pro Pilots MT Constant Speed Prop
  8. SA00411SE    Cub Crafters Extended Landing Gear
  9. ST01920CH    Pro Pilots Sutton Exhaust System
  10. SA02211AK    Thrustline Products Modified Thrust Line Motor Mounts
  11. SA01158SE    Cub Crafters Heavy Duty Tailwheel
  12. SA00951SE    Cub Crafters Metal Headliner
  13. SA00388NY    Cub Crafters Extended Baggage
  14. SA02066AK    Atlee Dodge Wing Tie Down Bracket
  15. SA00703SE    Cub Crafters Right Side Access Door
  16. SA01986SE    Folding Front Seat
  17. SA02233AK    Dakota Cub Aircraft High Visibility Fuel Sight Gauge
  18. SA02156AK    Dakota Cub Aircraft Under Seat Battery
  19. SA02234AK    Dakota Cub Aircraft Brake Master Cylinders
  20. SA02309AK    Dakota Cub Aircraft Stabilizer Trim System
  21. SA01026SE    Steve’s Aircraft    Fuel Gascolator
  22. SA01126SE    Cub Crafters Windows Install
  23. SA00750SE    Cub Crafters Boot Cowl and Firewall
  24. SA01988SE     Electronics International MVP-50P Engine Instruments
  25. SA554AL        Ron Sullivan 3rd Seat/180 lbs. Baggage
  26. SA00281NY    Cub Crafters Tundra/8:50 Tires
  27. SA02134SE     Cub Crafters Control Gap Seals
  28. SA01343WI    B&C Products Light Weight BC400 Alternator
  29. SE00939WI     B&C Products Light Weight Starter
  30. SE00825WI     B&C Products Oil Filter Adapter
  31. SA01233SE      Alaskan Bushwheel 3200B Tailwheel
  32. SA11RM           Univair Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
  33. SA4615NM      Atlee Dodge Welded Float Fittings
  34. SA01734SE      Stewart Systems  Fabric Covering

Price: $160,000.00


Boomerang Air LLC

Mike Sasser