N153JM – 2010 Carbon Cub SS! – SALE PENDING


  • Location: CubCrafters Factory - Yakima, Washington
  • Serial: CC11-00153
  • Make: CubCrafters
  • Model: Carbon Cub SS
  • Year: 2010 (remanufactured in 2018)
  • N Number: N153JM
  • TTAF: 320 (~20 hours since remanufacture)
  • TTE: 320 (~20 hours since major overhaul)
  • Engine: Titan CC340
  • Prop: Catto Composite 80" X 50" NLE
  • Fuel Capacity: 25 (24 useable)
  • Empty Weight: 979 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: Experimental Light Sport
  • Last Annual: 13 June 2018
  • Interior Rating: 10/10
  • Exterior Rating: 10/10


Don’t let the model year or serial number fool you, this is a newly remanufactured Carbon Cub SS, fresh from the CubCrafters factory.

Completed in June of this year, this is the aircraft that was the “in the corner” project that the best Cub tube & fabric crew in the industry, the Factory experts at CubCrafters Services, lovingly worked on for much of the last year when shop time between other jobs permitted. The result being that the buyer of this aircraft is essentially getting a new aircraft, one that was meticulously remanufactured and assembled to meet or exceed all current production standards, but at a used aircraft price.

N153JM has been upgraded to the latest G3X touch glass panel (w/autopilot), the current upgraded heat system and cowling, extended baggage, and comes with a 6-month limited Factory warranty with a full price offer.

Available now at $44,000 less than the current new MSRP of $263,000 for this exact same aircraft, a nicer “used” Carbon Cub SS simply doesn’t exist anywhere on the pre-owned aircraft market!



TITAN® 340CC Engine, 180HP
Spin-On Oil Filter & Vernatherm
Perforated Fuel Nozzle
Adjustable Cowl Flaps
CATTO Composite Propeller
Dynamic prop balancing
Lightweight 40 amp alternator
Dual Electronic Ignition
Ignition backup battery system
Iridium spark plugs
Lightweight Hartzell Starter
Carburetor heat


Two 12 gallon wing tanks (24-gallon capacity)
Fuel selector valve (Left, Right, Off, & Both)
Gravity feed fuel system
No header tanks or fuel pump
Fuel sight gauge in wing roots
Fuel filter and drain


Super Cub airfoil – USA35(B)
Wings tested to 1,865 lbs (40% higher than LSA requirements)
Flaps – Three positions: 15°/30°/50°
Vortex generators
Aerodynamically balanced tail feathers


Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage tested to 1,865 lbs (40% higher than LSA requirements)
Carbon fiber components
Front fuel step on landing gear


Garmin G3X™ Touch with 10.6” display
– Digital ASI
– Digital VSI
– Digital Altimiter
– Digital DG
– Tachometer
– Manifold pressure
– Oil Pressure/Temp
– 4 channel CHT’s
– 4 channel EGT’s
– Carburetor temp
– Outside air temp
– Volts/amps
– Fuel computer
– XM Radio and Weather (with subscription)Synthetic Vision
– Angle-of-Attack (AOA) indicator
– Digital VFR & IFR charts
– Digital Inclinometer
– Front-loading SD™ card slot
Garmin GTR 200 VHF Comm
RAMI antenna
Garmin GTX 345R remote mode S transponder (w/ADS-B in & out)
Stereo Intercom
Video input


Dual flight controls
Elevator trim
Dual toe brakes
Pilot push-to-talk in control stick
Co-pilot push-to-talk in wing root
Pilot & co-pilot standard headset jacks in wing root
Powered ANR headset jacks in wing root (LEMO)
Adjustable front seat
Stow-away rear seat
Lap belt and inertia reel shoulder harnesses
Windshield mount Whiskey Compass
“Ballistic nylon” cloth seat cushions and covers
Full floorboards
Ignition Status Lights (left/right)
Carburetor Heat Control
Mixture control
Cabin heat control
Improved Cabin Heat System
Circuit breakers
Master switch
Avionics master switch
12V auxiliary outlet
Flat Black Glare Shield
Dual swing-out windows
Tinted windows and skylight
Cabin fresh air vents
Rear cabin cargo tie-down points
Extended baggage upgrade option
Aft upper baggage area
Cup/Bottle holder for pilot


Grove light-weight magnesium wheels
Upgraded 1.5″ double puck brake calipers & rotors
26″ Airstreak (by Alaska Bush Wheel) light-weight Tundra Tires
Parking brake
3200 Tailwheel / ABW tailspring
Non-skid pilot step


Front & rear seat inertia reel 4 point harnesses
Audible stall warning horn / audible Angle of Attack warning system
No header tanks
Kannad 406 Integra ELT (Built-In GPS)
Visual fuel gauges
Dual-action safety fuel selector valve
Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage
Ignition IBBS (backup battery) system
Glass panel IBBS (backup battery) system


Airframe – Removed engine, boot cowl, windshield, panel, interior, floorboards etc. Removed and replaced fuselage with serviceable unit (100 hours TT). Reassembled with original floorboards, rudder pedals, brake pedals, front and rear seats, new windows, windshield, and skylight. Complete new instrument panel was installed with new Garmin G3X radio package, Com radio GTR 200 (S/N 2QQ008899), Garmin transponder GTX345R (ADSB in and out) (S/N 3EH401261), GDU 465 (S/N 5375911930), GMC 207 autopilot (S/N 4DH200735), (2) each GSA28 autopilot servos, GEA24 engine interface P/N 010-01042-00 (S/N 2J2003234), with all new wiring, circuit breakers, switches, coax and antennas. Installed new 3×3 extended landing gear with 1.5” calipers, original wheels, new lower shock struts, bungee cords, bungee covers and cabane vee. Installed 26” Airstreak tundra tires, high pressure braided stainless brake lines, and serviced brakes.

Installed recovered stabilizers, elevators and rudder with new front and rear tube liners, upper and lower flying wires and all new attaching hardware. Removed fabric from wings, removed and replaced leading edge skins as necessary, recovered and painted. Installed new VGs and landing light lens. Installed wings with original struts, new strut forks, fuel lines, sight gauges and attaching hardware. Installed new flaps and ailerons, rigged to Cub Crafters’ specifications and safetied in place.

Installed original engine after inspection with original engine mount, new mount rubber bushings and bolts, oil cooler, starter, alternator, exhaust system, cooling plenum, new Catto 80X50 NLE propeller, bolts and spinner (torqued, tracked, dynamically balanced, and safetied). New style cowling was installed with new air filter, filter retainer, and cowl flaps. Installed aux forward fuel drain to comply with SB0029, C/W SB00018 by installing stabilizer reinforcements (no further special inspection necessary), SB00019 C/W fuel line inspection, SB00020 Rev B C/W plates installed, SB00022 C/W plenum/push rod housing clearance, SB00021 C/W propeller strike, SB00032 C/W induction hoses. C/W SI0033 by installing static ports. The completed aircraft was weighed, Weight and Balance and Equipment List updated.

Engine – Disassembled engine, removed cylinders as assemblies, inspected case halves. The following parts were inspected, repaired and returned to service by Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc. W/O #246119: reground camshaft P/N LW11754, (3) each connecting rods and (1) each new P/N AEL78301, (1) gear P/N AEL74996, (1) gear P/N AEL13S19646. The crankshaft (S/N 22858-1-07 was inspected under W/O #246387).

The engine was reassembled I.A.W. Assembly Manual Doc #SSC50000 with (2) each new front main bearings P/N 13884, (4) each main bearings P/N AEL11021004, (8) each rod bearings P/N LW-69373, (8) each rod bolts P/N AEL74669, (8) each rod nuts P/N AEL121186 with all new gaskets and seals. Installed new bolt-on crank gear P/N STD2246 and locking tab, torqued to 204” lbs. Thrust bearing clearance checked and found to be within limits. Installed new push rods as necessary to establish proper valve clearance. This engine was installed on N153JM with new engine mount rubber bushings, oil cooler, oil cooler hoses, exhaust, starter and alternator, spark plugs and ignition leads. Rigged controls for full travel and safetied. Serviced with 5-qts of Aeroshell 15W50 oil. Test run and leak checked; all operations are normal.

Propeller – Catto 8050 NLE S/N 03175592 installed on N153JM in new condition, torqued, tracked, dynamically balanced, and safetied.

Price: $219,000


Brad Damm – Factory Direct Sales Northwest |  509.961.2313  |  brad.damm@cubcrafters.com

Mark Keneston – Factory Direct Sales Northeast  |  518.410.9404  |  mark.keneston@cubcrafters.com