Supply Chain Manager

Position Summary

Reports To: Director of Finance

The Supply Chain Manager (SCM) oversees, and is responsible for, the flow of all purchased materials from the company’s external supply chain resources. The SCM is expected to drive strategic supply chain planning, and is expected to ensure that best practices and procedures are employed. Though reporting to the Director of Finance, the SCM will interface regularly with other departments in coordinating efforts and seeing that the company’s needs are met.


1. Establish and proactively manage strategic and long term relationships with suppliers. Negotiate terms and conditions to obtain an optimum balance of pricing, timely delivery, and required product quality levels.
2. Manage purchasing staff: oversee performance, insure goals are being met, recruit as needed.
3. Work with MRP staff in optimizing our existing MRP system, drive improvements as needed.
4. Provide accountability and reliability of supply chain to other department leaders and supervisors.
5. Report the success of the company supply requirements to senior management as requested.
6. Design a method to optimize standards required for a seamless process transition for raw materials/WIP/finished goods as it proceeds through the manufacturing cycle.
7. Forecast of supply chain needs based on corporate sales, production, and R&D projections.
8. Insure invoices are approved and sent to accounts payable for payment in a timely manner.
9. Maintain procurement records, produce, and maintain reports as needed.
10. Other duties as assigned.


• Experience – Preferred 5 years of Supply Chain experience with a BS in Supply Chain or Business related field. An equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience will be considered.
• General qualities – Must be knowledgeable and have experience in using an ERP system, Supervision, Purchasing, Inventory Control, and Lean Manufacturing. Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness. Is responsive and proactive in mitigating disruptions to supply chain as we endure constant changes in production and development of new products. Ability to work as a key component in a team atmosphere across department boundaries.
• Management skills – A motivated and talented Team Leader who contributes to building a positive and productive team environment.
• Communication skills – The ability to draft various types of written correspondence including succinct professional letters/e-mails. The ability to verbally communicate accurately, in a professional and tactful manner and to do so with a wide range of personalities.
• Computer skills – Familiarity with Windows 7/8/10, file management, MS Office applications, e-mail, digital photo
• Organization skills – Must be highly organized, able to prioritize and able to stay focused on tasks. Must possess a high degree of self-discipline and the ability to complete duties fully with minimal supervision. Must strive constantly for ever-increasing ways to improve both personal productivity and department systems as the company grows.
• Working knowledge of general aviation and FAA regulations a plus but not required.


An industry-competitive package is being offered for top-notch individuals.

How to Apply

An application can be downloaded below. Email completed application and resume to

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