Flight Services Manager

Position Summary

Be on the front lines of the team that’s putting the adventure back into aviation! CubCrafters has changed the way pilots want to fly. We’re all about taking the long route, going slow, going low, and going where other aircraft fear to tread. We meld the classic tailwheel form with the most modern, innovative, and high-tech design in General Aviation to achieve unmatched performance.

CubCrafters is expanding operations and we’re looking for amazing pilots to fly our best-of-class STOL aircraft! Click here to read more about the Flight Services Manager position and apply today!


The Flight Services Manager is a key member of the CubCrafters Customer Support Group (CSG) staff with a primary role in providing flight operations services to both internal and external CubCrafters customers, as well as providing exceptional post-sale customer and product support for CubCrafters owners. This includes proactive and responsive communication between CubCrafters, its customers, internal staff, independent Certified Sales Centers (CSCs), Authorized Service Centers (ASCs), and other partner organizations.

This is a Pilot/Manager positon and appropriate flying credentials are required.

• Has the lead role in organizing and providing company flight services to internal customers including manufacturing, services, sales, and marketing departments. Flying duties include performing production test flights, return to service flights, engineering and product development test flights, new aircraft engine break-ins, EAB phase 1 fly-offs, marketing (photo) flights, ferry flights, and delivery flights to customers. Overnight travel and weekend work will be required.

• Has the lead role in scheduling and managing external flight and pilot services CubCrafters purchases from vendors, including contract ferry pilots and contracted EAB fly-off services. Develops new and maintains existing contractor relationships for flight various flight services and operations to meet current company needs and future growth.

• Supports the final phases of aircraft completion, ferry logistics, delivery staging and timing, and coordination with customers, with responsibility for sustaining an efficient, accommodating, and informative protocol for the transfer of aircraft ownership from the manufacturer to the CSC or end use customer, including final inspection and preparation, ferry flights, aircraft presentation, and acceptance.

• Ensures that aircraft meet or exceed cosmetic and mechanical standards, are delivered on-time, with the correct supporting equipment, using the highest level of attention to detail. Maintains expert knowledge level of all aircraft features and functionality.

• Collaborates with other internal departments and senior management to develop, implement, and continually improve flight operational procedures such that they are documented in a company flight operations manual to promote the highest level of flight safety and operational professionalism.

• Schedules and manages flight training for customers purchasing manufacturer authorized transition training from CubCrafters with external vendors. Schedules and/or provides recurrent training for internal company staff including BFRs, tailwheel endorsements, and various other qualifications as needed.

• Manages the CubCrafters fleet of factory demonstration and used inventory aircraft such that they are kept fueled, clean, and presentable. Schedules maintenance to ensure company owned demonstration aircraft are in annual, updated, and squawk free. Generates aircraft as needed for various shows, sales, and marketing missions.

• Manages CubCrafters on-site delivery facility such that it is kept clean, organized, and well-stocked with equipment and consumables to support aircraft deliveries. Schedules use of delivery facility for aircraft delivery prep, demonstration aircraft storage, and used aircraft storage.

• Manages the CubCrafters employee use aircraft. Schedules maintenance to ensure it is kept in annual and in service, tracks employee usage, and provides aircraft use information to accounting for billing.

• Tracks information and generates internal reports for certain key metrics of various CubCrafters flight operations as needed for CubCrafters senior leadership.

• Provides other CSG staff with backup coverage in the Builder Assist (FX) program, Kit (EX) program, or other sales projects as needed. Will be required to perform other duties as requested, directed, or assigned.


• Pilot’s license (CFI desired) with a minimum of 3 years flight experience and 200 hours of tailwheel time. Applicants should be highly proficient in all aspects of light two-place tandem tailwheel aircraft operation, low-level cross country navigation, and evaluating weather and other factors to determine a safe go/no-go decision while complying with CubCrafters safety guidelines.

• Valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant credentials, with light aircraft experience, would be a plus.

• A valid passport and the ability to enter Canada is required.

• Ability to provide first-class customer service to Cub Crafters aircraft customers, independent CSCs, ASCs, and internal company staff. Superior client hospitality skills, product knowledge, leadership, and organizational skills are crucial.

• Strong technical, mechanical, analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills with exceptional attention to detail are required to be able to recognize and effectively communicate aircraft deficiencies to manufacturing of services staff and follow up to ensure aircraft meet or exceed CubCrafters cosmetic, mechanical, and performance standards.

• Ability to successfully manage multiple projects with differing timelines and priorities while exercising sound judgment and making decisions independently when required.

• Outstanding communication skills, both written & verbal, with customers and co-workers. Works efficiently and effectively as an individual in team settings, consisting of CubCrafters employees or outside vendors.

• Ability to use MS-Office (all products), ERM, and CRM software tools in a 170+ employee company.

• Enjoys the challenge & success of continuous improvement, high-activity, high pace, and working independently in a dynamic work environment.

• This is a full-time mid-level management position; it is expected that the successful candidate will have the necessary experience and be well-organized to support various company needs and departments as described above. The goal is to facilitate all aspects of aircraft operational activities to ensure both flight safety and the best aircraft ownership experience possible for CubCrafters customers.


An industry-competitive package is being offered for top-notch individuals.

How to Apply

Please email resume and application to jill.hargraves@cubcrafters.com

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