Patrick Horgan Promoted to VP

Yakima, Washington – December 6, 2017: Light aircraft manufacturer, CubCrafters, is pleased to announce the promotion of Patrick Horgan to Vice President, Operations & Product Development. Pat has been leading the company’s Engineering & Product Development (EPD) department as Director since joining the company in April, 2015. This expansion of duties reflects Horgan’s record of results during his tenure as well as his ability to contribute to the company’s senior leadership team.

“Under Pat’s direction, EPD has successfully earned Part 23 certification for our flagship Xcub in 2016.” said CubCrafters President, Randy Lervold. “He has also led the development of our breakthrough certification of experimental Garmin G3X avionics for the XCub.”

In his new role, Horgan has assumed responsibility for manufacturing, quality, and supply chain in addition to engineering and product development. “As our product line continues to grow, so must our production and supply chain systems”, Lervold continues. “I am confident in Pat’s ability to further increase manufacturing capability and productivity, and to reduce costs. Our recent product introductions have spurred demand so it is clear we must scale our operation further. Pat has shown that he is well qualified to lead that process.”

CubCrafters has already expanded the company’s production space to a new South Campus that includes three new buildings that devote 36,000 square feet to welding, metal fabrication, and composites manufacturing. The expanded facilities will support CubCrafters’ growing product line and increasing focus on international distribution.

Lervold concludes, “My vision for CubCrafters has always been to not only build great aircraft, but to build a great aircraft company. Pat understands the larger vision and will be a key contributor in realizing that goal.”

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